Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to send a Crystal e-GiftCard

Let your giftee choose their very own presents with e-giftcards at I Dig Crystals!

How: On the top green bar at you will see a link for "Gift Cards". Once clicked, it will take you to the screen as shown above. Just fill in all of the fields and "Add to Cart". Once you checkout, the e-giftcard will be emailed directly to your recipient! 

Easy, efficient and just what they want!


Monday, November 28, 2011

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Cleansing your new home with Crystals

Using Crystals to Clear the Home

This ritual has served us well in all of our moves - house, apartment, office and stores!

You will Need:Salt (course salt preferred)
Incense or Sage
Quartz Wand or Points
Quartz Cluster
Jet or Obsidian Tumbled Stones

Move the Salt into the house first as this will bring good luck for your stay.

Circle around the home clockwise, sweeping incense or sage smoke, followed by the tip of the Quartz wand in all corners of the rooms.

Circle around the windows counterclockwise, thanking the universe for barring out intruders.

Circle around the front door counterclockwise, thanking the universe for allowing those with good intentions to enter.

Sprinkle salt in any dark corners or areas that need extra cleansing and place Jetor Obsidian crystals here overnight or for a few days.

Light a candle surrounded by pink crystals at the center of the home for love, friendship and strong relationships. 


I Dig Crystals :: shoveling back to sanity

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Speaking clearly with Aquamarine

QUESTION: Hello, i watched your videos about crystal, and i want to ask you for help, as you mention in your video that id you can not choose your crystal, you can ask a crystal healer, i have problem with stuttering, i want to ask you, is there is any stone or a healing method i can use for this issues, and if you have something in your web, would you please give the link of it. Thank you.

ANSWER:  Hi, thank you for visiting our site and watching our videos. For your stuttering, we suggest you use Aquamarine. This is a great stone to balance the throat chakra, which is in charge of communications, plus it is a crystal that will aid in patience. Working with Aquamarine at your throat over time will give you the confidence and patience to express yourself more fluently. If Aquamarine does not vibe with your energies, try any other light blue stones like Angelite, Turquoise or Apatite. 

If you have the loose stones, place them right at the throat when lying down or keep them in your aura during the day. If you like to wear jewelry, wearing an Aquamarine necklace or pendant will be very beneficial, especially after you have clean, charged and programmed it. This way it is always ready to remind you to slow down and allow the energies of the throat to flow naturally. 

Here are some direct links for you: 

Aquamarine Cage Pendant (interchangeable with other stones and can be used as a zipper pull):

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us here at
We are always happy to answer crystal questions!

Sheila Satin 


I Dig Crystals :: shoveling back to sanity

Properly Using Tuning Forks

QUESTION: Hi Sheila, My point set and tuning forks arrived last week... much to my excitement.

I am anxious to use them. I do have question re. the tuning forks. Do you just hold them close to the chakra plates?  Once they touch the plates, they stop vibrating. Thanks for your help.

ANSWER: I am glad to hear that everything arrived safely. 

To use the tuning forks properly, you will want to hold ONLY the stem. Do not touch the forks or the vibration will stop. The harder you strike the fork, the longer the vibration. I would suggest hitting it against a rubber surface like a hockey puck or rubber striking stick. Once on the chakra plates, they should vibrate for a while!

Let me know how it goes!

Sheila Satin