Thursday, April 7, 2011

CRYSTALS: Lemurian Pyramid

Natural Amethyst is polished into your new crystal healing pyramid (also known as the "Lemurian Master Pyramid"). This is a purple stone carved into a pyramid with 9 mini pyramids on the bottom. Each pyramid is unique in its color and inclusions.

Lemurian Master Pyramid
These pyramids are a unique design channeled from the Lemurians. It is a shape based on sacred geometry to consolidate and amplify energies. Great to use during crystal healing grids on the body!

You can now find Lemurian Master Pyramids at Satin Crystals online or in our San Francisco showroom!


CRYSTALS: Distant Healing

QUESTION: Pls suggest me something to heal this relation with crystals & from distance as my friend even could not take any personal healing session as her hubby is not believing in all these........

Hey Satin really waiting for ur reply & guidance,
yeah many thanks for ur earlier guidance,
Bye & take care,
Lots of Love

ANSWER: I understand your desire to heal your close friends' relationship. The wand that we suggest would be a Rose Quartz wand. This crystal has the best energies to open and heal any blockages in the heart chakra. The heart chakra being where our love energy resides.
However, a relationship is a partnership. If your friend's husband is not willing to change or work on the relationship, there is not much you or she can do about it. Since she is willing to change, you can help her in strengthening her heart and perhaps coming to compromises in her relationship that will be beneficial to both. In other words, focus on her and her perspective in the relationship, rather than on him.

Sheila Satin