Friday, May 14, 2010

Q&A with Ann Satin

Hi Ann, How are you? How was the month of April for you?
I am fine. The month of April was fantastic with the new flowers blooming.

I have a few questions. Please, when you have time, would you let me know your thoughts?

I always have time for you and it is my great pleasure to be of any service to you.

As I may have told you, I began giving "spiritual lessons" to my daughter and my grandson. I'm using Dr. Satin's book as the foundation for our lessons--adding other concepts where relevant. Not surprisingly they both agreed that the book should be titled "Incredibly UNbelievable!" They're having a hard time believing that we can work together to create a "perfect" world. Of course, I don't force them to believe any of it. Just planting many seeds. At their age, I understand how overwhelmed they are with the violence & negativity they see, feel & experience each day of their young lives. Yesterday we had our 2nd lesson. It was wonderful, as usual. They both enjoy our 1.5 hours together.

I am sure Sunny must be very happy to know that his book has been put into good use! and he said "thank you".

I'd like to give them a good explanation of how Dr. Satin knows every detail of what our world can become. Would you give me an explanation that would be understandable to these young minds? Actually, this question is intriguing to me as well!
Some research has been done in some parts of the book and have become known as a fact eg. how the earth shifting its position and moving toward the higher frequency and so on.
Some are known facts in metaphysical world that high energy can be utilizing in healing in our human bodies to the perfect state once have been, just merely keeping the positive flow of energy going. Everyone agrees (including medical doctors) that stress causes physical symptoms.

There was almost nothing "new" in the book and nothing that we cannot agree upon if we read it at the "love" view point. All things are possible!

With all that said and done, it is fair to say that Sunny has used his intuitive to confirm the "predicitons" that were supposed to happen when love is being operated without any doubt (which is caused by fear) in our hearts.

Dr. Satin refers to it in his acknowledgements. But, is it fair to ask: Did Dr. Satin "channel". Did he merely close his eyes, then visualize, hear or just know the information? From whom did he receive the information?

From my personnel experience, the information comes through all senses. No need to close our eyes or to sit and meditate. It is more of the "knowing" to me.

I'd like to plant the seed that they too can receive this kind of information. Depending on your answer, I can do a guided meditation so that they can learn to receive this information as well. Their minds are so much more fresh & open than my oldy-moldy mind!

Guided meditation is great for all ages. It is very effective for leading the mind to where the higher knowledge is available.

2. From the most recent schedule sent out by Lisa, I noticed you'll no longer be teaching "The Shift" nor the spirit release courses. I'm disappointed. I think I'm okay without the "Shift" class, but am still very interested in furthering my ability to do spirit release work. I'm wondering whether you'd be willing to teach me privately or open it up & see who's willing to join us? This would be dependent upon the fee you'd ask for doing this.

The spirit release class will be offered in the near future. I am not sure when. So, let us wait and see. I am sure we are all being guided how and when, while doing this work.

That said, how do you view the profession of hypnotherapy in terms of spirit release? Is this something that the "mainstream" is ready to "believe"? Is hypnotherapy still not viewed as a healing path? Is there a way we can make it more visible & viable?
The "mainstream" is not ready to believe in anything that the left brain cannot handled. But the truth is, spirit release using hypnotherapy is being done everyday behind the closed door of the "mainstream" clinic.
The hypnotherapy is the most effective healing path at the moment. It has become more and more visible after having been suppressed for many centuries. Just keep on spreading the word and awareness with total conviction.

I remember you mentioned to me that spirits are not happy being in our bodies. As we begin to fill with more light, it is not a comfy place for them to reside. In light of that, is spirit release work still going to be necessary? Will some folks remain "stuck" in their old patterns of thinking & living that we'll never be of assistance to them?
Remember, Hypnotherapy is one of the healing tools in which the client comes to us when they ready to be healed. Most of the clients have no idea what is going on or have never heard of the spirit possession before or never thought they too can be infected. So, we normally treat them as the 'clinically" issue to begin with.
While the light work is in progress, the Spirit work is still necessary as the light can only spread when the dark leaves.

I know Dr. Satin says that hypnosis is the only way, but are folks ready? What is the future of hypnotherapy?
We focus on the folks who are ready. The future is bright but again let us concentrate on the Now.

Ann, I know I've been very redundant & wordy here, so please forgive.

Hope this helps. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions that come to your mind. I will try my best to answer them.

Thank you for your precious time & even more for your precious thoughts. Please let me know what newness has spilled into your life! I look forward to hearing about it!

Something new happens everyday. With God grace, all is good!
Thanks, so much!

Much love,
Ann Satin

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


QUESTION: Hi Sheila, I am from India (Delhi). I find your website very informative and useful. I am planning to do the crystal therapy course under Madam Ann Satin which I believe is scheduled in the month of October. I was wondering in case you can send along with her some of your hand made crystal jewelery so that people from India can also buy it. Also let me know in case you have any outlet in India.

ANSWER: Hi, thank you for your nice email. yes, I can send some jewelry with my mother for her next trip to India.

You can also make purchases online at

If you do not want to buy online, you can also just email me which items you want her to take there in October and you can pay her once she arrives.

We are slowly moving everything to so by October you can find even more items on our regular website!

If you have any further questions, feel free to email us.

You will love the crystal therapy course! It is very fun and opens up a whole new world of healing for you!

Sheila Satin


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CLASSES: Hypnotherapy

QUESTION: Hi Ms Satin, I am very interested in participating in the clinical hypnotherapy course but I do have a few questions I want to ask before making my final decision.
One of my main concerns about taking this course is that it might not be a class that would be right for me but I do have a great interest in Hypnotherapy and in getting a certificate to practice it. I understand that to be a successful hypnotherapist you have to be very good at not only marketting yourself but also must be very confident, assertive, and have good communication skills. I myself however sort of am lacking in these traits but am trying my best to improve on them. What I am getting at is that I want to know whether I can take your Hypnotherapy course and still be able to hone the skills needed to be a hypnotherapist? I also have memory difficulties and would like to know if being a hypnotherapist requires good memory?

My second concern is a minor one, I just simply wanted to know what days the class will take place. Is this a two day course as it appears to be or are the classes longer than two days?
Lastly I wanted to know if you could give me some info on what it takes to be a legitimately working hypnotherapist. Are there any governmental regulations?

Thanks so much for reading my inquiry.

ANSWER: Thank you for contacting us about the Hypnotherapy Certification training. The training includes 12 days of class, and the days are June 5-6, July 10-11, July 17-18, Aug 20-21-22, Sep. 4-5-6.For more details about class content, you can visit and see the curriculum for Hypnotherapy Level 1, 2, and 3. You can also call in to Satin Crystals Tues-Sun 12-6pm and ask for me (Lisa).

We actually have a portion of the class that is devoted to advertising and promoting yourself. We also discuss how to build rapport and draw in clients during the Training Course. You don't need to be a salesperson to be a hypnotherapist, but you do want to know how to communicate with clients and potential clients.

No, you do not need to have a good memory to be a good hypnotherapist. You will be recording your clients' sessions so you can always go back and listen. You may also jot down important notes during a session so you can look back on them upon subsequent sessions. Although some states have government legislation for Hypnotherapy, there is no such thing in California for the time being. However, in our network of healers all hypnotherapists have need certified by accredited institutions, and it could be dangerous to attempt hypnotherapy without proper education.

I hope you will join us for the training.

To register, please call Satin Crystals any time Tues-Sun, 12-6pm or come into our store!

Thank you, Lisa Satin

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