Saturday, August 29, 2009

EVENT: Special & Deadlines

Dear Crystal Friends,

Just a friendly reminder that we will not be doing a meditation this Thursday (6-8:15pm, 9/3). Instead, we will be offering a "Group Past Life Regression". There are still spots available for $45 tuition (a fraction of an individual past life regression session for those who want to try it out!)

The upcoming deadlines for the discounted rates on signing up for classes is:
Sep. 4th for Sep. 19 (Sat 10-5:30pm) Reiki Level 1 (also has discount if signing up with another person)
Sep. 5th for Sep. 24 (Thu. 6-8:15pm) Special Extended Meditation: Deep Connection
Sep. 5th for Sep. 26 (Sat. 1-3pm) Feng Shui Crystals for the Home
Sep. 5th for Sep. 27 (Sun. 1-4pm) Crystal Elixir Workshop

The November & December class schedule is out!!! We will send out another email about that next month.
October's upcoming classes:

Oct. 3-4 (Sat-Sun. 10am-5pm,11am-5pm) Hypnotherapy Level 1 Certification Course
Oct. 9 (Fri 6-8pm) VIP Healing Party
Oct. 17 (Sat 1-4pm) Mala Strand & Necklace Making Workshop
Oct. 18 (Sun. 1-5pm) Numerology Workshop
Oct. 24 (Sat 11am-5pm) Law of Attraction Workshop
Oct. 25 (Sun 1-4pm) Crystal Massage Workshop
Oct. 30 (Fri 6-7:30pm) Crystal Divination Workshop
Oct. 31 (Sat 10am-5:30pm) Reiki Level 2

Please visit for more details or feel free to come in or call us.

Thank you and see you soon!
Sheila & Lisa Satin


Satin Crystals :: 1718a Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 776-7446

CRYSTALS: Tigers Eye

We have just finished working with Tigers Eye in the Oakland Metaphysical Group (OMG). These golden stones really ground the powerful energies of the sun into our bodies, helping in confidence, courage and logical thinking in business.

*If you're feeling spaced out, holding or wearing Tigers Eye will really help you to connect back to this physical reality.

*Placing a statue or sphere of Tigers Eye will really boost rational thinking in business dealings.

*Wearing Tigers Eye can really boost up your confidence and personal power

*Using a Tigers Eye wand or point can stabilize emotions

*A Tigers Eye Merkaba will help to absorb the energy of the sun into your physical body

For those of you have attended OMG are entitled to a discount on all stones we use in the circles, and this Monday is the last week for Tigers Eye, so please do let me know if you wanted to make a purchase for continued use on your own!

Sheila Satin
Crystal Healer


Thursday, August 27, 2009

EVENT: Crystal Skulls

We are posting this on for our friends, in case anyone is interested...


CRYSTALS: Labradorite

QUESTION: Sheila, One question for you -what's the best way to clean my labradorite? Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: The best way to clean Labradorite is to place it on a large Quartz cluster. The points of the cluster help to circulate and energize the cleaning properties of Quartz to any of the stones you place on top of it. If you do not have a large Quartz cluster, I like to use dry brown rice. Try to avoid water method if you are talking about Labradorite jewelry because this will wear down the string or tarnish the wire.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Sheila Satin :)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CLASS: Satin Crystals

Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce that my mother Ann has returned from her 6 weeks teaching tour in Asia. She is now a Bay Area resident for good!

Reiki Master Ann Satin has informed me that Reiki Levels 1 & 2 cannot be combined, as there needs to be at least 21 days between the two courses for students to practice. Therefore, the following changes will be made:

Sept. 19-20th (Sat & Sun, 1-5:30pm) : Reiki Level 1 NOW $150 if enrolled by Sept. 4th (previously $195)

Oct. 31st (Sat. 10am-5:30pm) : Reiki Level 2 NOW $150 if enrolled by Oct. 10th

The Master Reiki Level 3 will be offered in mid-December: date TBA shortly.

For the months of November and December, you can look forward to the following classes:

-Hypnotherapy Level 2: Advanced Techniques and Modalities
-Crystal Healing Certification Course 2: Layouts & Advanced Techniques
-Master Reiki
-Past Life Regression Certification Course
& More!

Dates and details will be announced shortly.

And of course we hope you can join us for this weekend's classes, as well as the other exciting courses that have been scheduled:

Aug. 29-30 (Sat-Sun. 10am-5pm,11am-5pm) Crystal Healing Certification Course

Sep. 3 (Thu. 6-8:15pm) Past Life Regression Group Session
Sep. 19-20 (Sat-Sun. 1-5:30pm) Reiki Level 1
Sep. 24 (Thu. 6-8:15pm) Special Extended Meditation: Deep Connection
Sep. 26 (Sat. 1-3pm) Feng Shui Crystals for the Home
Sep. 27 (Sun. 1-4pm) Crystal Elixir Workshop

Oct. 3-4 (Sat-Sun. 10am-5pm,11am-5pm) Hypnotherapy Level 1 Certification Course
Oct. 9 (Fri 6-8pm) VIP Healing Party
Oct. 17 (Sat 1-4pm) Mala Strand & Necklace Making Workshop
Oct. 18 (Sun. 1-5pm) Numerology Workshop
Oct. 24 (Sat 11am-5pm) Law of Attraction Workshop
Oct. 25 (Sun 1-4pm) Crystal Massage Workshop
Oct. 30 (Fri 6-7:30pm) Crystal Divination Workshop
Oct. 31 (Sat 10am-5:30pm) Reiki Level 2

Please visit for more details. Thank you and see you soon!

Lisa Satin

Satin Crystals :: 1718a Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 776-7446


EVENT: 15th Step

We are passing this information along to you from our friends at the Better Life Center in Berkeley:

15th Step ~ A process to connect to Higher GuidanceLearn a simple technique to vibrate the body and access Inner Dimensions

Better Life Center
$285, Bring a friend and receive $50 off.
Start Time:
Saturday, September 5, 2009 at 10:00am
End Time:
Sunday, September 6, 2009 at 6:00pm
Better Life Center
2515 Milvia St
Berkeley, CA
Join us for a fun weekend to learn a simple technique to access your Inner connection to Higher Dimensions.The 15th Step is a method you can use to work on your physical body, receive inner world healing, access your guides and teachers from the other side and learn how to manage events and situations in your life with ease and guidance.The 15th Step can be used to ask about money issues, relationships, career questions, spiritual areas and much more! Discover this simple, repeatable bridge to your Inner World.
Visit: for more information about the 15th Step.


CRYSTALS: Immune & Sleep

QUESTION: Do you have something to strengthen someone's weak and or bad immunity? And to help somoene get to sleep? My mom was in the ICU last week and didn't get out till late thursday.

ANSWER: http://www.satincrystals.comFor the immune system, use Amethyst. You can wear it, drink as an elixir, put it around your bed as a crystal grid, whatever method your mom prefers!

To help get to sleep, you will also use Amethyst under her pillow and by her bedside.
Don't forget to clean, charge and program them for exactly what you want!

Seems like your mom needs a lot of Amethyst! It would be best if it is touching her skin, but if she does not like that, then just have it around her and charge her water with it, make a grid around her bed. Just don't overwhelm her if she has never used Amethyst before. Start out small and then increase if it is making her feel better.

Please let me know if you need some as well or need any more advice regarding any crystal healing issues!

Sheila Satin


CRYSTALS: Third Eye Agate

Here are some beads we used in the Bracelet Making Class and the properties of their energies for those who were asking...Third Eye Agate, aka: Botswana Agate, has natural rings and bands. It's a great stone to ward off the evil eye. It protects you from emotional hurt, especially great for those who are sensitive and lonely. It can also be activated to open up the Third Eye Chakra to connect with your psychic energies. Also great for grounding energies.


VIDEO: Indigo Children

VIDEO: Lightworkers

VIDEO: Crystal Children

Monday, August 24, 2009

EVENT: OMG Ulexite

This week's Oakland Metaphysical Group focused once again on Malachite, throwing in Rose Quartz to balance out the strong energies of Malachite. WE also introduced Ulexite as seen in the picture, charging and cleaning in the brown rice!


Ulexite is found in two forms:

Ulexite is found with the mineral Borax in dry regions. Temporary lakes form in these dry regions during rainy season thanks to the runoff of nearby mountains. These mountains are rich in minerals that eventually become so highly concentrated by evaporation that they are able to form Ulexite crystals. The evaporated crystals of Ulexite commonly form a "cotton ball" tuft like Okenite’s fuzzy hairball appearance. These are found in 3-4 in. balls in the Mojave Desert of S. Nevada and California. Similar occurrences are found in Chile and Argentina and Kazakhstan.

2. Ulexite is also found in a vein-like beds composed of closely-packed fibrous crystals in Boron, California (in Mojave Desert above Los Angeles). This unique stone is known as "TV Rock" because of its unusual optical characteristics. The fibers of Ulexite act like a Little TV, so any text or image at the bottom of the stone appears as if it is on top. For this effect to be seen, the crystal must be polished and the surface smooth.

*Each fiber of ulexite transmits light and images, which paved the way for the invention of fiber optics, which transmits images along a bundle of threadlike crystals.

Ulexite has a hardness of 2 on Mohs Scale of Hardness (softer than a fingernail). It decomposes in hot water.

Energetically, Ulexite is all about clarity of sight:

· Place over the eyelids for clearing tension from the eyeballs

· Place on the third eye to connect with your spiritual path

· Use to clarify problems in your life and help activate a solution

· Under pillow for dream clarification

· Helps you to read others more clearly and know their true intentions

Oakland Metaphysical Group (OMG) meets every Monday 6:30pm-7pm in West Oakland. Please email for details and to rsvp! Beginners and Advanced welcome!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

BOOK: Exodus

Just finished and highly recommend this story by julie bertagna called "Exodus" cast 100 years in the future, the Earth is drowning thanks to global warming melting the icebergs. It's a story of fiction which you can read as pure fantasy action, but in reality, the message is right behind the highest wave - what are we going to do when this really does happen?

Summary: In 2100, the Earth’s ice caps have melted, the oceans have risen, and month-long fierce storms are the norm. The inhabitants of the tiny village island of Wing have moved further and further uphill as the seas rise, but there’s no longer anywhere else to go. Fifteen-year Mara believes she has evidence of great sky cities built somewhere in the south, and even though the villagers are skeptical, they have no other choice – they head for the one they believe to be closest. However, once they get there, they find that the high-tech city has equally high security, and it isn’t accepting new refugees. Now, it seems as though it will be up to Mara to find a way to get inside the city, and somehow save her people… and maybe the whole of humanity.


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ETSY: Revived

I have revived my Etsy shop and more items will be following! The other pieces can still be found on Shophandmade for now. And of course even more can be found at Satin Crystals Shop & in my jewelry studio in the East Bay.
*Custom requests gladly accepted.
Sheila Satin

CONTEST: August Garnets

There are still a few days left to enter August's contest giveaway on Satin Crystals Ning:


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

EVENT: OMG Malachite

This week we added Malachite to our Oakland Metaphysical Group’s practice. Together with the grounding effects of Tigers Eye, Malachite stirred up the energies in our hearts. For some it was too much, for others it was not enough...

Malachite is a beautiful, green-banded stone which is an altered form of copper. Malachite occurs when copper reacts with carbonated water or limestone. More water in the copper makes the green lighter; less water in the copper makes the green darker. The black bands of Malachite are ones that formed without water.

The weathered green you see on copper roofs is a form of Malachite. Bronze objects partially or wholly converted into malachite have been found at ancient Assyrian sites.

Malachite is a 3.5 - 4 on Mohs Scale of Hardness, a relatively soft stone, easily scratched. It is the same hardness as Calcite or Fluorite. Protect it from temperature changes & prolonged sunshine.

Zaire is a popular country for Malachite, but it is also found in many other places around the world.


  • Malachite is also known as the POWER STONE.
  • It has a strong, aggressive energy, effective in releasing trapped emotions and bringing change to those who are ready for it
  • Working with Malachite can be a draining experience as it clears out your aura of negative experiences.
  • Malachite breaks unwanted ties and bad habits
  • It helps you to become more independent and responsible for your own actions
  • It releases inhibitions and encourages expressing feelings
  • Malachite is great in releasing psychosomatic problems developed in this life or past lives.
  • It restores our ability to breathe deeply.
  • You may want to counter the energy of Malachite with gentle energies of soothing stones like Rose Quartz
  • Malachite enhances negative and positive energies, so it is only recommended for use on mellow, yin energy people or in balance with a softer stone
  • For those who are balanced, confident and optimistic, Malachite will increase these energies

NOTES: Cleaning – do not use salt which will scratch the surface.

Malachite dust can be toxic if inhaled in excess.

Do not drink gem elixirs used from the raw material.

It may cause slight heart palpitations, if you are feeling uncomfortable, remove it immediately and replace it with a gentler stone.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay area, our Oakland Metaphysical Group meets every Monday from 6:30-7pm, feel free to email me at to join.

To obtain your own Malachite stones or have a jewelry piece custom designed, come to our store in San Francisco: Satin Crystals, 1718a Polk Street, San Francisco, California or visit us online at

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MOVIE: Knowing

I recently watched the movie, "knowing" where the aliens turn out to be advanced lightbeings here to save the good of humanity, allowing us to start over. Something to think about if you're joining us at the Ufo/Alien Roundtable discussion this Sunday...


EVENT: UFO/Alien Roundtable

Alien/UFO Roundtable Discussion
August 23rd (Sunday) 1:00-3:00 pm:

This is your chance to discuss your knowledge and experiences of alien and UFO related matters in a safe and friendly environment. Lisa Satin will open the forum with a lecture about alien civilizations and the order of the universe. She will then be moderating the roundtable discussion, where each person will have a chance to share his/her experiences and talk on topics such as crop circles, abductions, and much more.

*Forum welcomes up to 10 participants*
Donation: $20 when fully enrolled by August 5th
$30 thereafter

Register at: Satin Crystals, 1718a Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 or by phone at 415-776-7446 or email at


CLASS: Crystal Bracelets

Crystal Bracelet-Making Workshop
August 22nd (Saturday) 1:00-3:00 pm:

This is a fun and interactive workshop on how to create your own crystal healing bracelets. Learn how to clean, charge and program crystals in this informative workshop combining crystal care with jewelry making. Jewelry Designer, Sheila Satin,
will instruct you on how to string beads and use memory wire for a variety of looks.

Besides wearing these bracelets for their beauty, Sheila will provide you information on how to use them for energy healing.

Supplies will be provided for you to string 1 bracelet and bead 1 memory wire bracelet. Additional materials can be purchased at a discounted price in class.

Tuition: $30 when fully enrolled by August 5th
$40 thereafter

Register at: Satin Crystals, 1718a Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
or by phone at 415-776-7446 or email at


Saturday, August 15, 2009

CRYSTALS: Tigers Eye

During the past two weeks we have been working with TIGERS EYE crystals in my Oakland Metaphysical Group. Here are some properties of TIGERS EYE:

Tigers Eye is a form of QUARTZ. It is is tough like Quartz: a 6-7 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. It is hard, unbendable and glass-like.

There is debate on how Tigers Eye has formed:

1. One school of thought says that Tigers Eye starts out as Crocidolite Asbestos (a fibrous blue mineral made of Iron and Sodium). Over time Quartz becomes embedded in the Crocidolite fibers. It absorbs and replaces the Crocidolite, but retains the fiberous shape of the former mineral. Traces of the Crocidolite's Iron remain to give the stone its golden color and is known as Tigers Eye. (If less Iron remains, the stone will be more of the original blue Crocidolite color and this is known as Hawk's Eye.)

2. The other school of thought says that the Crocidolite and Quartz form together at the same time in a sealed, vein-filling formation.

Either way, the fibers of the Tigers Eye are bent and crumpled rather than straight. We can therefore see a brilliant, silky iridescent effect in the stone known as chatoyancy. The more chatoyant the stone, the more valuable to the collector.

In healing, we can use any piece of Tigers Eye, it will have the same metaphysical properties despite its relative beauty:
  • Tigers Eye is a great grounding stone (pulls you down to reality)
  • Tigers Eye retains the energy of the sun, working to bring this brilliant light energy through your physical body, grounding you to the earth.
  • Golden Tigers Eye is great for the Solar Plexus Chakra, bringing emotional wellbeing, confidence and courage.
  • Tigers Eye is a great business stone, bringing logical thinking into your dealings, keeping the emotional level balanced.
  • Tigers Eye is especially effective for stubborn people, helping to bring a positive and open-minded attitude for those willing to let go of their old habits.
If you are in the area, our Oakland Metaphysical Group meets every Monday from 6:30-7pm, feel free to email me at to join.

To obtain your own Tigers Eye stones or have a jewelry piece custom designed, come to our store in San Francisco: Satin Crystals, 1718a Polk Street, San Francisco, California or visit us online at

May you be touched by the light of the sun,
Sheila Satin


Friday, August 14, 2009

CRYSTALS: Hemorrhoids

QUESTION: Dear Sheila, First of all, I am thanking you very much, so nice of you. I found one store where I can ask, it makes me exited. The second question I have: I am suffering from Hemorrhoid (external), I am now taking water and fiber, but most of the time, I get constipation. I got hemorrhoid due to constipation. My mom is suffering from hemorrhoid from 2005. She has swollen piles, one pile is hanging. We are looking for any doctor who can freeze her pile. I am asking you to tell me about special stone for hemorrhoid. Which stone would be better for me to use? Which stone would be better for my mom to use? Can I also rotate Crystal Wand clockwise over my hemorrhoid area and also my mom? Then I will go to the store for buying all these stones. Please reply as soon as possible, thanks. I will wait eagerly. We both like to get rid of this hemorrhoid, it has made us too much upset.

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your question.

For hemorrhoids, I would suggest using cooling stones like Calcite, Rose Quartz, Moonstone for hemorrhoid flare ups.

You may even want to dig deeper and get to the root of the problem - what is causing your constipation? Usually you are holding back something, not living life to its fullest, you will want to get to the cause of these inhibitions to really release the true cause of hemorrhoids.

Of course water and eating more fibers are really going to help. You must also remain active physically, keep a positive outlook and remain emotionally balanced. Ultimately, we want every aspect of our lives to be balanced. This is where certain stones can help in certain energies.

So, to aid in the healing process of hemorrhoids themselves, I would suggest cooling stones like Calcite, Rose Quartz or Moonstone. For stomach/digestion issues, I would suggest Fluorite. For increasing physical activity, use Red Jasper and Labradorite. For Emotional Balance you can use Moonstone also, or Yellow Calcite.

You will want to drink these as a gem elixir.

Sheila Satin


Thursday, August 13, 2009

CRYTALS: Patience

This beautiful blue Angelite Heart crystal was custom wrapped in 12K gold for someone seeking patience and understanding while taking care of their ill mother. Surrounded by sickness can really drain caretakers and rob them of their calm understanding natures. Angelite is the stone of the Angelic Realms, bringing patience, calm, love and cooling the emotions.

To have your own stones wire wrapped, email me at

Sheila Satin


CRYSTALS: Mohs Scale

Mohs Scale of Hardness uses common crystals to show the relative hardness of stones. Talc being the softest and Diamond being the hardest to scratch or damage. This chart is from Wikipedia...and helps in identifying crystals.

Mohs hardness ↓Mineral ↓Absolute Hardness
1 Talc (Mg3Si4O10(OH)2) 1

2 Gypsum (CaSO4·2H2O) 3

3 Calcite (CaCO3) 9

4 Fluorite (CaF2) 21

5 Apatite (Ca5(PO4)3(OH-,Cl-,F-)) 48

6 Feldspar (KAlSi3O8) 72

7 Quartz (SiO2) 100

8Topaz (Al2SiO4(OH-,F-)2) 200

9 Corundum (Al2O3) 400

10 Diamond (C) 1600


Hi Everyone, thanks to those who joined us last Monday for the Tigers Eye crystal meditations. We did our grounding meditation to connect with physical energy and to this present reality. Then, we did our crystal meditation, imagining that we were inside our stones. This is all for relaxation, focus and enjoying the present moment.

Next Monday we are adding on MALACHITE crystals. This is a deep green, banded crystal which is popularly used to release emotional traumas of the heart. The Heart and relationship is something that most all of us are in desperate need of strengthening.

If you do not have your own stones, I will provide them for yo to use free in the session. Additionally, if you like any crystals that we use in our sessions, you are welcome to purchase them from us at a student discount. We are also all contributing our loose change to a donation box that we will decide what to do with at the end of the year!

RSVP if you are coming this Monday 6:30 sharp to 7pm.
I will go over the properties of Tigers Eye again and explain Malachite. If you have anything to add, you are most welcome.

We will be doing a grounding exercise standing up and then we will be doing a layout, so please bring yoga mats or something for you to LIE DOWN on!

You do not need to know anything about crystals to join us. Just be open minded and ready to enter a world of imagination and relaxation. Friends welcome.

Sheila Satin
Oakland Metaphysical Group
location: West Oakland, California


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CRYSTALS: Shopping

QUESTION: What kind of crystals do you have? I am a huge crystal fan use them in my massages, energy work and just on myself daily. Didn't know if it was Jewelry or raw or what just saw you on facebook thought I would ask.

ANSWER: Hi, thank you for your email. We sell all sorts of natural crystals - in raw form to polished jewelry. We also do custom wire work and beading of stones.

You can find all sorts of crystals on our online store: or come in to our retail store at 1718a Polk Street, San Francico, CA 94109

If there's something you can't find on our ebay store, just give us an email or call and we'll see if we have it in our retail shop!

If you have any additional questions, we are here to help you.

Sheila Satin


Monday, August 10, 2009

LESSONS: Hiccup in Time

words from Lisa Satin...

I am so happy to be living my dream every day- and watching Satin Crystals grow before my eyes. The most satisfying part of my work experience is helping others and sharing spiritual knowledge and experiences with a community of very special light persons.

Satin Crystals weekly meditation group has grown, and now has a solid core foundation of regular attendees. We work together and share our positive ideas and our visions. Everyone leaves the sessions rejuvenated and confident in the Creator within.

Last week's meditation, focusing on the manifestation of cash flow into one's life using crystal trees, went smoothly. However, at the end there was a strange exchange of words between certain participants that left tension and negative feelings in the air. This odd occurrence stayed with me for 2 days, as I tried to understand the meanings and lessons behind the incident.

I believe that the hiccup in time occurred for a reason, and the lesson to be learned from the experience varies for each person present during that meditation. I can only share what I personally have learned from the experience:

Each of us are very different, unique human beings. Each person has life experiences that are completely unique to him/herself. We each have different challenges that we face, and various ways in which we go about these challenges.

In the past, it would often frustrate me to watch others "suffer" and go through bouts of depression or hard times. I often thought I had the answers to their problems, and if they could just SEE IT MY WAY, their lives could be so much easier. Even as a child, I may have alienated more than one good friend by being judgmental toward their actions rather than supportive of their feelings. It has taken me a very long time to come to the realization that it is not my job to change people, or to try to shake them out of what I may have seen as a "slump". As a friend, it is my job to listen and be supportive without passing judgment. As a teacher, it is my job to empower people with the skills to help themselves so that they can pursue the path of positive experiences whenever they are ready to embrace that path.

Every person comes to this earth to experience different things. Some of the most important life lessons are often learnt only after struggling and suffering, in one way or the other. If every lifetime was a free ride, then how would we grow at the soul level? We must be entitled to walk our own path, choose our own direction, and move at our own pace. Humanity consists of billions of diverse beings, and each being is at a different point in his/her spiritual development. Only through support and understanding can we lift ourselves and others up.

I thank the universe for bringing this experience to the meditation group. Yes, it may have been negative in nature, but there is always something positive to be learned through the tension. It has taught me that patience is a true necessity for any effective teacher, and to share the message of tolerance and understanding at the next session.



Friday, August 7, 2009

EVENT: Free Reiki

Better Life Center

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Better Life Center
2515 Milvia St
Berkeley, CA

The living body radiates warmth and energy. This energy is a life force and in Japan this energy is termed Ki. It is from this, that the word Reiki is named. Science has been able to measure this energy field or Ki, indicating electromagnetic fields exist around the body and every organ in the body. The strongest magnetic field exists around the heart....measuring a distance of 15 feet from the body.Organs and tissues pulse at different frequencies when healthy and when unhealthy or out of balance. When receiving Reiki, the hands of the healer are placed on or above your clothed body, on areas needing balance or healing in order to induce healthy Ki or electromagnetic fields into any unhealthy or unbalanced part of your physical or energetic system. The Reiki healer is not giving you the energy, he or she becomes a channel for Universal healing energy and electromagnetic energy to flow through them like a conduit, to you to go to where it is needed.Reiki is a complimentory healing modality and does not interfere with medical diagnosis or treatment. It cannot be promised Reiki will cure any particular problem or disease but Reiki sessions have been known to have similar benefits to massage such as decreasing stress and anxiety, relieving pain, assisting with sleep, lowering blood pressure, calming the emotions and nervous system, relaxation, balancing the persons aura and energy fields and helping the person get into an alpha or theta altered state of relaxation.Some people experience emotional release during the healing, others experience heat or energy or comfort and rest. After the healing the person who experienced the Reiki as well as the person providing the Reiki, usually feels lighter, better and more relaxed.

Join us for this opportunity to experience Reiki.

We are offering 30 min sessions, first come, first served. If you'd like, you can call in advance to reserve your time slot, we recommend you call today because they are filling up fast.

(Call 510-418-1940)

We are happy to share Reiki with you.Bring your friends and loved ones..we look forward to seeing you soon!In light~Christine, Chellie and Blake**Reference Resources:1. Reiki News Magazine Summer 2009, p. 552. Essential Reiki by Diane Stein pp.16, 21


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crystals: Throat #2

QUESTION: Dear Sheila, I'm very impressed of your comments, you are very smart and intelligent girl. I salute to your efforts.

Actually, my mom had a sore & hoarse throat before due to intake of very hot ginger tea. After that her throat got very sore and hoarse, and dry, then she started to do herbal remedies. Then her soreness and hoarseness were gone, but she did mistake, she gargled with salt water, it made her throat more worse, it made her throat, tongue and lips more dry, she became anxious, so her heart started beating fast and her blood pressure became low.

We called emergency at 12:00 mid-night, she spent all night in the emergency, doctor checked her throat and she had a throat culture. Her family doctor found that it is a bacteria, she has white spots in her throat, she took antibiotics, she got better than before, but now she has too much thirst for drinking water, she still feels that her lips, tongue and throat is dry. She cannot eat raw carrot, spicy food, and she doesn't take tea.

I was praying for her a lot and my family too, she is praying too. I was very worried, and looking for best youtube program for dry throat, so suddenly, I found your you tube, it was very exited and made me feel happy, you looked very kind and helpful. Believe me when I saw your email, I thought that a friend of mine sent me an email because you are very friendly and helpful, God bless you amen.

So please suggest the stone for my mom and also send me the procedure. For example, I have a stone for her dry throat, then how do I start the procedure, please reply as soon as possible. I am crying and emailing you.

Thank you very much and I will be waiting for email eagerly.

ANSWER: Once you have obtained your Quartz wand, you will want to clean, charge and program it. You can choose a variety of methods of cleaning and charging - whatever you have available to you - you only have to choose one method of the many options -

After you have cleaned and charged the stone, you want to program it in a positive manner to heal your mother's throat. A statement you could use would be "Thank you for opening up my mother's throat chakra energies" - but use your own words that make you comfortable saying! Then you will want to point the tip of the Quartz a few inches above her throat. Use your giving hand (right hand if you are right handed) and rotate it in a clockwise circle for a few minutes.

Make sure she is feeling relaxed, breathing comfortably and have her imagine all of her throat energies free and feeling healthy. Make sure she states exactly how she WANTS her throat to feel - don't say words like dry or raw or anything that she does NOT want her throat to feel! You can even have her imagine that she is shooting away the throat bacteria like we do with cancer patients, having them imagine themselves shoot away the cancer cells.

As you are working on her, make sure that you are not being emotional or giving her any of your fears, doubts or worries. That's why it's always best to have an unbiased healer working on someone. However, if you have he right state of mind, and a certain detachment, you could do it also! Make sure you have some protective stones on you (wearing or holding) when you are working on others so you YOU don't absorb the negativity coming out of your mother's energies. We use Obsidian for protection.

As for the blue stones, you can place these on her throat or near her bedside so that she can have this positive energy on her when you are not working on her energetically. Again, you will want to clean, charge and program them. It's best if she can do the programming herself if she will be lying with these stones.

If you have any other questions, please do ask. Meanwhile, make sure that you are relaxing and accepting the situation. Only when we accept the situation can we move on to hope and a cure.

Remember, healing is never an instantaneous process, so take the time and trust in the universe to take its course.

Many positive thoughts,
Sheila Satin


ANGELS: Bandages

from my mom's travels

Here I am! sitting at the airport comfortably waiting for the flight.

This morning I have decided to wear the slippers which I have never done before (It is very hot in Bangkok and usually I would wear a pair of sneakers while traveling). I noticed there was a small cut on top of my left foot due to friction. I thought to myself that I wished I had a bandage which I have stopped buying for years (no drugs store for me) And there would be some walking around the airport to get places and the cut would probably hurt more. Anyway, nothing much I can do, so I decide to forget about it.

I went to exchange the money. At the end of transaction, the girl thanked me and handed me a pack of bandage and said this is a gift for you. I still couldn't believe my eyes and my ears. The size of the bandage is a small cute size that I have never seen or used before. And who would have thought that the money exchanger people would be giving out such a gift at the airport in Tokyo, Japan.

Oh Angel dearest, I thank you for your love and your taking care of me. Now may I ask for something else 1.....2....3...

Lots and lots of love,Ann

P.S. Is this appropriate or what?, we have just finished our Angel/guide class few days back!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Regarding my post on 11:11
Dearest Sheila, Ann just forwarded your blog address to our beginner crystal healing group and I saw your 11:11 header up and simply had to reply! 11 and 22 are very spiritual numbers and seeing 11:11 on your clock or in dates or running into it all the time usually means you are either about to come into contact with or meet your twin soul! Do look it up if you have time..Lots of love,

Thank you for your email. It does make sense as I do see this time 11:11 whenever I am driving to work where I see my sister Lisa at Satin Crystals Store.

I have looked up a little bit about twin souls. Of course you can have many in this life or none at all, depending on where your twin souls are at the moment in our universe:

Our twin can be our lover, brother or sister, mother or father, another relative or a very dear friend. Regardless of who your twin might be this lifetime around, you will feel a closeness to that person that is usually very, very strong and goes way beyond all others.


CRYSTALS: Sore Throat

QUESTION: Dear Sheila, I suddenly saw your You Tube program on Crystal Healing, which makes me very happy and exited.

But I've few questions from you as follow:-

What kind of crystal is that?

Is that a salt crystal or what?

Pls tell me and then I will buy from somewhere. I'm living in Canada (Hamilton).

I appreciate your kindness and help.

Pls email me as soon as possible, thank. I'll be waiting for your information eagerly.

Because my mom had a sore & hoarse throat, doctor prescribed her antibiotics, she is taking now, it got better, but now she is complaining of very dry throat, cannot swallow the saliva, she is taking a lot of water with honey, but whatever she eats, it makes her throat dry, she likes to get rid of it.

Dear Sheila,

Can you tell me that what kind of crystal is good for her? This crystal for only sore throat or other symptomes as well?

This crystal is useful for what kind of diseases?

Pls email me as soon as possible, thanks. I will pray you from the depth of my heart.

ANSWER: Thank you for your email. I am glad you found my Crystal Healing video informative. I have made several videos, so if you can tell me exactly which one you are referring to, it would be helpful! I guess you are referring to the clear wand that I am using?? If so, it is a QUARTZ CRYSTAL and you can buy them locally in Canada or you can shop online at our ebay store: Satin Crystals

Additionally, for the throat, you will want to use a light blue stone like Angelite to open up that area and relieve any swelling. You can combine this with the opening of the chakra done with the Quartz Generator wand as well to be more effective. Other Throat Stones I can suggest are Turquoise, Amazonite and Chrysocolla. If you can not find something locally or on our ebay store, feel free to email me back and we may have it in our retail store that we can send to you via mail.

You can also check a previous post I had made regarding my own sore throat problem:

Please let me know what other questions you may have.

Sheila Satin