Friday, June 19, 2009

NEWS: June/July


Dear Friends!

Time is flying by at Satin Crystals. Our healing space is becoming a vortex of energy as positive minded people come for classes, meditations, crystal shopping, and community. Please check out our news, classes, and events. Be part of a movement towards higher consciousness, here and now!

We have had a successful weekend of learning and fun as the students of our sold out Crystal Healing Certification course have now become Crystal Healers! Check out the PHOTOS!

Raffle winners have been selected for Satin Crystals Grand Opening give-away! Congratulations to James Gilmore for winning $$$100 gift certificate$$$, which he has readily redeemed for high quality crystals! Congratulations to: Victoria Post, Xanthe Asher, Lorne Harris, Jehan Yangwas, and Mark Morgan for each winning a Copper and Quartz energy wand. Thank you to all participants!

Your personal jewelry designer, Sheila Satin, will be joining me as Partner on June 25th when she moves up to the Bay Area. You may think you are seeing double, but rest assured we are two different Satin Sisters- both here to assist you on your crystal path!

Satin Crystals will be closed on Independence day weekend, July 4-5 weekend.

Satin Crystals will be extending hours from July onward... we will be open Tuesdays from 11am-7pm in addition to our regularly scheduled hours of operation!

June 20th: Law of Attraction Workshop
[Saturday 1-4pm] ***6 spaces remaining***
June 25th: Earth Changes
[Thursday 6-7pm] ***8 spaces remaining***
June 26-27th: Intro to Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification
[Saturday10am-6:30pm, Sunday 10am-5pm] ***7 spaces remaining***
July 17th: Journey of the Soul
[Friday 6-7:30pm] ***8 spaces remaining***
July 19th: Crystal Ball Gazing
[Sunday 1-3pm] ***2 spaces remaining***
July 25th: Chakra Plate Creation & Activation
[Saturday 1-4pm] ***4 spaces remaining***

Classes are filling fast, so please call to enroll quickly to reserve your space! Early Bird specials as specified. Click on the name of the class for more details.


July 3rd: Satin Crystals Grand Opening Party!!! [Friday 7-9pm]. Join us for a night of fun and friends, food and drinks, free chakra readings and specials!!! Admittance via RSVP only so please save your spot today by calling Satin Crystals or replying to the evite invitation that was sent a couple weeks ago.

Crystal Meditations: Still free at Satin Crystals! Next meditations are: June 14th & June 21st. Starting in July, weekly meditations will shift permanently back to Thursday nights, 6-7pm. Due to popularity, you must reserve a spot in advance. Thank you!

We encourage you to partake in our activities, and share your own knowledge and agendas here as well. It's time to uplift ourselves and people around us. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Love and Kisses,

Lisa Satin

Satin Crystals :: 1718a Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 776-7446

CRYSTALS: Chakra Wand

QUESTION: Hi Sheila,That is an interesting story about the chakra wand. Do you have any like that for sale orknow where she got it?

ANSWER: Hi, sorry for the delayed answer, just in the process of moving up north :) Yes, we have chakra wands for sale on: I Dig Crystals and now merging to: Satin Crystals

If you are in the San Francisco area, you can feel their powerful energies in person, please visit us at: Satin Crystals, 1718a Polk ST, San Francisco, CA :)

We will be merging the two ebay sites soon and have a mega-store for crystal healing!

Sheila Satin



QUESTION: Hi I recently bought a Carnelian stone and i've heard a lot about it's great healing properties and I was just wondering how one uses a tumble stone. For now I keep it in a black satin pouch which sits in my bag but that means little contact with the actual stone. I'd love to find out more about it, thanks.
ANSWER: Hi, thanks so much for your email. Tumbled stones are small and smooth and thus very versatile in the healing realm. Here are a few suggestions on what you can do with your Carnelian tumbles. If you want me to expand on any point, just ask!
1. Making Gem Elixirs
2. Using in Crystal Healing Layouts
3. Carrying in a pouch/pocket for good energy
4. Setting in Jewelry
5. Use as Massage Stones
6. Placing in the tub
7. Making Chakra Platees
8. Gridding your house
9. Placing in a big bowl to relieve stress
10. Using as worry stones
Sheila Satin

CRYSTALS: Fertility

QUESTION: Hey! My co-worker would like to know if you have anything that may help with fertility. She has been trying to have a baby for 2 years with no luck. She has experimented acupuncture and is open to other things such as meditation and natural medicine. What stone or anything else do you suggest?

ANSWER: Hi, fertility stones are Moonstone and Shiva Lingam stones. Let me direct you to more information I wrote for others asking the same question:

Let me know if she needs to pick any stones from us in Orange County before we leave on Monday, otherwise tell her she can email me, buy online or come to our store in San francisco!

Sheila Satin
Crystal Healer


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

CRYSTALS: Chakra Wand

QUESTION: Hi Sheila,Praise the Lord! Recently I have acquired this fantastic chakra wand. As you can see it is powerful and has a lot of energy flowing through it. When I first got it I cleansed it in warm sea salt water and laid it in the sun for a few hours. That evening I laid the stone near my bed on the nightstand and "WOW" what dreams did I have about crystals, people, places and things. The wand was talking to me in my sleep. I began to realize I was traveling to distant places and seeing unfamiliar faces and decided to seek a professional for help before I begin to work with it. Can you help me understand what I’m dealing with? Please advise.

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your question. It sounds like you have a very deep connection with this chakra wand and it is helping to open you to the spiritual world. First, you have nothing to fear. Opening of your chakras and connecting to the Higher Realms is what the wand is meant to do. Some people will feel this connection more strongly than others. In your case, you fortunate in having this easy access to the higher vibrations that the wand is emitting.

You will do great work with your wand, whether on yourself or others. Make sure that you are always protected by keeping Obsidian on or near you when doing work on others. Also, be sure to ground yourself if you are working with the wand. It seems that the wand is taking you for many astral travels and it could be difficult to get back grounded to earth reality without the help of crystals like Obsidian, Tigers Eye, Jasper, etc...You will want to mentally call all your bodies - spiritual, mental, emotional - to reunite with your physical body whenever you are through working with your wand so that you are balanced as you go about your daily routines.

If you have any additional questions regarding your wand or any other crystal healing questions, please do email me at

Sheila Satin :)



An easy to use Calendar has now been posted on our Satin Crystals website so you can quickly find our store hours, classes, talks, meditations and upcoming events!


Monday, June 8, 2009

EVENT: Healing Circle

Time: June 9, 2009 from 7pm to 8pm
Location: Orange County
Organized By: Ann Satin

Event Description:

Dear All,
It has been a wonderful weekend sharing the crystal knowledge with a room full of enthusiastic students at Satin Crystals Healing place on Polk Street of San Francisco.

Special thank to Lisa Satin for making this event successful!!!

The group energy was way up high with serious healers coming together to learn the crystal healing technique in order to revive this ancient science as one of the most important healing modalities of a new age.

Counting down!!! It is almost time for me to move on to form another healing circle else where per divine instruction and divine guidance. You will not be left behind because some of us will come forward to take charge and to carry on with the healing circle.

It is much more vital important than we can imagine that we need to raise our vibration to reach the consciousness of the 4th dimension to be able to help ourselves and others live our lives in the better world of love and light.

The next orange county "HEALING CIRCLE” is on Tuesday, June 9th, 2009, at 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm..

I welcome you to join us at this high vibrational gathering to get in touch with our true-selves in a relaxing, informal, fun, and loving atmosphere, with crystals all around.

Using our intuition, the power of our mind and the healing energy of crystals, we will balance our karmas and prepare ourselves for the coming earth shift 2012. I will guide you through the session.


Please RVSP in advance, so I can be prepared. Space is limited.

We will start on time.

My e-mail:

With love and gratitude,

Friday, June 5, 2009

EVENT: Chakra Plates

What: Chakra Plate Creation & Activation Workshop

When: July 25, 2009 1:00 PM

Price: $45.00 per person

Where: 1718a Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 (nob hill)

Description: Chakra Plate Creation & Activation WorkshopJuly 25th (Sunday) 1:00-4:00 pm:
This is a hands-on workshop lead by Sheila Satin. Sheila will be discussing the benefit and power of chakra healing with crystals. You will learn how to use crystal plates to activate and cleanse the chakras. You will create your own customized chakra plates for specialized healing properties in the areas of love, abundance, communication, protection, business success, health, and much more! After creating the specialized plates, students will spend time in the classroom doing layouts for themselves and others, gaining the full effect of the chakra plates. The first plate is included with tuition ($20 value). Additional plates can be purchased in the classroom. You can keep the crystal plates for further usage!

*Class limited to 9 participants*

Tuition: $45.00 when fully enrolled by July 15th
$55.00 thereafter

Material Costs: • Included: 1 chakra plate & 3 tumbled stones• Additional chakra plates: $10-25 each• Additional tumbled stones: $1-15 each

Learn more here:


EVENT: Crystal Ball Gazing

What: Crystal Ball Gazing Session

When: July 19, 2009 1:00 PM

Price: $20.00 per person

Meetup Description: Crystal Ball Gazing Session July 19th (Sunday) 1:00-3:00 pm:
Lisa Satin will be leading a 2 hour crystal ball gazing workshop. The first portion of the class will be a discussion about the power of Crystal Balls, Window stones, and gateway crystals. In the latter portion of the class, there will be gazing sessions in which you will practice peering across time and space using a crystal ball. Lisa will also guide you on how to extract important message from your spirit guides, angels, masters, and light beings. Crystal balls will be provided during the session, and you may purchase them in the classroom should you wish!

*Class limited to 9 participants*

Tuition: $20.00 when fully enrolled by July 10th $30.00 thereafter

Learn more here:


EVENT: Journey of Soul

What: Journey of the Soul: Past, Present, & Future Lives

When: July 17, 2009 6:15 PM

Price: $20.00 per person

Meetup Description: You are invited to attend a 1.5 hour Journey of the Soul talk/tutorial. Lisa Satin will discuss the path of the soul from Pure angel to Enlightened Master. Discover how to tap into you Past Lives so that you may align your choices with the Highest Path and serve your soul purpose. Other topics include karma, birth, death, and life between lives. Come see for yourself how limitless you really are!

Tuition: $20 by July 5th, $30 thereafter

Learn more here:


EVENT: Grand Opening Party

What: Satin Crystals Grand Opening Celebration!

When: July 3, 2009 7:00 PM

Description: You are cordially invited to the Grand Opening Ceremony for Satin Crystals!

We will be offering specials on high quality crystals and custom made jewelry. Complimentary Chakra Readings, Appetizers, and Snacks.


Satin Crystals
1718A Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109