Friday, March 27, 2009

CRYSTALS: Healing Chakras

QUESTION: Hello,My name is -. I saw a wonderful tutorial of yours on healing chakras. Could you please tell me which crystals you would recommend from your collection for this purpose. Thank you,

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your email and for watching our tutorials on crystal healing. For the whole routine, you will need:

1. a Quartz Pendulum to check the chakras (currently out of stock, but you will find some in my sister's store - see link at the end)

2. a Crystal Generator to open the chakras (this can be in any stone):

3. a piece of Obsidian for protection while opening (so you aura does not absorb the negative energy emerging from the client's chakras) which you can wear or hold:

4. a piece of selenite to seal the aura from leaks and holes after the cleaning has taken place

5. additionally, we also use an Aura Wand to clean the aura, but if you are not doing it professionally, you can use the generator for this purpose as well.

please let me know if you have any additional questions! Additional inventory can be found in my sister's store at:

Sheila Satin


Sunday, March 22, 2009

CRYSTALS: Crown Block

QUESTION: Hi, is Rose Quartz a good crystal to use for opening the Crown Chakra? I found a blockage here.

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your question, yes, all forms of Quartz are excellent for the Crown Chakra - clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and purple Amethyst.

Sheila Satin

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SALE: Moving


Take advantage of our One Time Only Moving Sale and Help us Lighten the Load!

I'm happy to announce that Satin Crystals will be moving during the month of April! We will shift from our second floor office suite to a ground-floor storefront just 2 blocks south of our current location!

We expect to open the doors to the public by May 1st, and we will be located at: 1718A Polk Street (between Clay and Washington)San Francisco, CA 94109

Meanwhile, Come visit us at our showroom and help clear out inventory at reduced rates! I will be available to meet you any day between now and April 1st, including weekends. Just remember to call in advanced to schedule an appointment. Or shop online any time at

Healing sessions will be offered via appointment as usual, and classes will resume after the move is complete.

Thank you!!!

Lisa Satin
415-776-7446 (number may or may change in April- I will let you know)


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CRYSTALS: Magnetite

Magnetite is a strong magnetic stone that helps in circulation and energy healing. Wear it at your wrist to regulate your pulse!


NEW: Model Pictures

You can now find pictures of models wearing the I Dig Crystals jewelry line at:


EVENT: Healing Circle

Dear All, Last week, we experienced a powerful physical healing through high frequency meditation and chakra balancing with crystal layout.

The next "HEALING CIRCLE” is on Tuesday, March 17th, 2009, at 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm in Placentia, Orange County, California.

I welcome you to join us at this high vibrational gathering to get in touch with our true-selves in a relaxing, informal, fun, and loving atmosphere, with crystals all around.

Using our intuition, the power of our mind and the healing energy of crystals, we will balance our karmas and prepare ourselves for the coming earth shift 2012. I will guide you through the session.


Please RVSP at least 24hrs in advance, so I can be prepared. Space is limited.
We will start on time.

Sincerely, Ann Satin


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CONTEST: Free Aventurine

Free Green Aventurine Tumbled Giveaway for March's Contest is easy to join. We just want to know something lucky that has happened in your life:


EVENT: Moving Stores

As you may have heard, Satin Crystals will be moving from our upstairs office into a downstairs retail storefront. This wonderful transition is scheduled for April 2009, and details will be announced later this month as they are finalized. Thank you for your continued support, which allows a small yet powerful business to thrive in the bustling city of San Francisco. Help lighten our moving load.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

EVENT: Crystal Healing Class

Hello! Just a friendly reminder that we will be having a Crystal Healing certification course here at Satin Crystals in San Francisco this weekend. There is still space and it's not too late to enroll!

For more information, please visit

Thank you and I hope you are well, Lisa Satin

PS. Satin Crystals will be moving to a downstairs storefront very shortly. Details to be announced soon!!!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

CRYSTAL: Motion Sickness

Jet is highly recommended to ease motion sickness - car, plane, boat. Depending on how sick you get will determine how many pieces of Jet you'll need to clean, charge, program and carry with you. If you have slight motion sickness, 3 tumbled stones will do. If you get sick with the slightest sway, you'll want a whole necklace of Jet stones!

To have a jet piece customized, I welcome your email at


SALE: Pyramids

10% OFF Pyramids for 1 week: March 4 - 11.
Pyramids are a sacred shape that balances energy in an area and transmits the property of the crystal through the tip!