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Name: Danielle A. Nelson
Occupation: Artisan, designer, techhie, foodie, blogger, entrepreneur, voice, and brain: My partner Mer and I design and make jewelry and accessories as "Sweet Tarragon" and do graphic design, desktop publishing, web, writing, editing, audio, and tech consulting work as "hot glue media". My former catering company's web site has manifested into a food blog, which is my passion; we also run a blog about simplicity and frugality and have a podcast. In my day job, I'm an information repository: an executive assistant.
Location: Pottstown, PA, USA

Five things that make you the happiest:
1. Sunshine and fresh air
2. Laughter
3. Freedom
4. Creation
5. The happiness of those around me
6. Mental stimulation (yes, I'm cheating, but I couldn't leave this one out)

What are your views on energy healing?
Energy is everywhere and in everything, and can be coaxed into acting to our advantage. For those that don't believe (or won't admit that they do), the energy healing experience can be a great exercise in solace and contemplation; in today's fast-paced world, taking time away to focus on a crystal, receive a Reiki treatment, or focus on a flame can be enough in and of itself to start the healing process.

How do you call abundance into your life?
Practical positivity, hard work, and a strong belief that the universe will provide.

What is your favorite crystal?
Salt - and not only because of my culinary background. It is inherently earthen, but has a special relationship to the other elements: dissolved in water, it is extracted with air. Salt is one of the few things that can mute flame, but it can also enhance fire's power to make things of beauty, like salt-glazed pottery

What is one crystal or energy healing experience you would like to share with the world? For most of my life, crystals and energy have been a highly personal thing that I shared with only those closest to me. Entering the realm of jewelry-making, or more specifically, jewelry-selling, has changed that. One of my recent creations is Guardian of the Soul, a black tourmaline and garnet necklace specifically designed as a shield against negative and/or excess energy. It sold almost immediately, which always excites me, but the buyer's comments broke my heart - she needed it to keep the negative energy away from her in her workplace. On one hand, I'm glad that my creations have purpose, but on the other, I'd rather that no one ever had that need.

How do you define success?
Success is contentment with what you have and passion for your existence.

Three things that you would like to manifest in your life right now:
1. Wholesale and/or consignment agreements for our jewelry
2. A slowly, steadily building client base for our consulting company
3. The patience to work toward our goals (patience is a constant struggle for me)

What types of people do you want to attract into your life (this is so those who like your interview can contact you if they fit your description)?
Anyone who enjoys life and takes each day as it comes.

**If you would like others to contact you, leave your email and any other of your sites you'd like to promote (your blog, website, social site page, etc):
I can be reached through Twitter (@daniellenelson) or the contact form on any of our sites/blogs:
Sweet Tarragon (jewelry and accessories)
hot glue media (design, publishing, web, editing, and audio solutions)
Catch The Spoon (cooking and recipes)
Living Behind the Curve (simplicity and frugality)
Zen Maelstrom (personal blog)
Braindouche (podcast)

Thank you, Danielle! Your goal of creation to heal others is inspirational!

If YOU are a happy shiny person who believes in energy healing, has some crystal experiences to relate and wants to be interviewed, please email

I Dig Crystals "Happy People Interviews"
Promoting shiny, happy people who believe in their own abundance

CRYSTALS: Arguing Relationships

QUESTION: Hi Sheila! I know I haven't been in touch for a quite a while, but I do check your website nearly everyday and find it very interesting. I really wish you didn't live across the country now since I would love to have you work on me with your crystal healing abilities! I have become very intrigued by crystals ever since I started reading your site.

Today I have a specific question for you: are there certain crystal I could use to bring about a more harmonious and peaceful temperament to my relationship with my husband? We have been fighting a lot lately and it seems to have become a vicious cycle that we can't get out of, no matter how hard we try or how much we love each other. The stress and tension are driving us both crazy! Any advice??

ANSWER: Hello friend, thanks for your email. Always great to hear from you and keep in touch despite the physical distance :)

For your relationship with your husband, I highly recommend you seek the aid of Rose Quartz crystals. A good way to implement this pink crystal into your life would be for you both to have a piece. Whether you want to wear it in jewelry form or keep a piece of tumbled in your pockets, clean, charge and program the Rose Quartz for peace in your relationship.

If your husband is not as keen on using crystals for healing as you are, I would suggest placing matching pieces (maybe Rose Quartz eggs, balls or pyramids) on each of your bedstands. The main point being, make sure there is an equal balance with the energy between you both. Whenever you feel an argument coming on, having the Rose Quartz's loving energy near you will remind you of compromise, forgiveness and letting go...

I will also tell you to focus on yourself. One-sided arguments do not exist. If you can come to terms with your own energies, balance your heart, subside the anger within yourself, there can be no problems in your relationship. Rose Quartz is great to work on yourself as well, but I would additionally use Obsidian (or Rainbow Obsidian) to transmute negativity and help you in "letting go" and overcoming.

If you need more advise, I'm always here to answer them!

Your friend,
Sheila Satin :: Crystal Healer :)

Additionally, i welcome custom orders for jewelry pieces made with your crystals in mind:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MOVIES: Ghost Town

We went to see GhostTown in the theaters for my mom's birthday and I highly recommend it. As the metaphysical world is increasingly shown in a positive light in mass media, we know we are heading towards the right direction. Even if you don't believe yet, this is a hilarious, touching and entertaining movie!

Diary2009: Ready!

Your Diary2009 designed by artists from around the world is now ready to be ordered at:

Look for the Sheila Satin Originals page on April 20!

MYSTIC: Owls & Signs

QUESTION: Hi Sheila. Haven't seen you in a while. I've been working a lot. I saw a friend of mine last weekend. She is a toner. When I left her and was driving home on the freeway, an owl, (big and beautiful) came up to my car on the freeway and was at my car window. I could see all the beautiful colored feathers in it's chest. However, I was going about 70 miles per hour and the owl stayed with me on the freeway for about 10 seconds but it seemed like a very long time. The amazing thing is that it was facing me in my window and somehow stayed with me. It wasn't flying like a normal owl would fly. So, what do you think of that? Do you think there was a message here? Love, Light & Laughter

ANSWER: Hi, nice to hear from you again! I believe everything in our lives is a sign. Most of us take them for granted and forget to "read" these signs until something as amazing as your owl experience happpens. Like dreams, these universal life signs can only be interpreted by yourself. Of course, you can seek guidance to interpret these occurences, but ultimately only you know what they mean and how they are significant in your life.

Today, we got word that my grandfather (my mom's father) is in a coma. I asked my mom, "what do you think he's doing in there?" She told me that she believed that he has already left us, perhaps a fragment of some other spirit is remaining in his body. She said when she got the news, her clock read 11:11am. I then told her that last night, driving home, my clock read 11:11pm. "Many channels are open," she noted. Every sign is trying to tell us something....

CRYSTALS: Cluster Cleaning

QUESTION: Hi, I received my cluster and it is just beautiful. I am just learning and starting to use crystals, Your website is very helpful, but I would like to clarify do I need to clean and charge and program my cluster? I know you discuss this for crystals. So is this needed with my Arilbite cluster with apophyllite? Please advise. Thanks

ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Clusters are actually self-cleaning as they are constantly circulating positive energy through all of the crystal points, working harmoniously from the common base. We can clean other crystals by placing them on clusters.

However, I do clean my clusters from time to time to remove it of dust. In this case I usually run it under water and leave it to air dry.

Leaving clusters in the windowsill to charge in the sunlight and/or moonlight is also beneficial to keep the crystal's charge.

And, yes, definitely program your cluster if you want it to do something specific!

For further advice and discussions, come join us in the forums at

Sheila Satin :: Crystal Healer


QUESTION: Hi and happy birthday! Mine is Sept.12 : ) I am wondering what the best shape/form would be best for physical healing. Also, would you put the stone on the body, near the body, just in the room??? Yes, I'm clueless but learning! Thanks!

ANSWER: Hi, Happy birthday to you as well, my birthday is Sept 11 and my mom's is on Sept 25, so we have a lot to celebrate this month!

The best shape of stone for placing on the body is the crystal Heart. It is flat but puffy enough to allow energy to circulate. You will find Hearts polished out of all different crystals, depending on what kind of physical healing you are looking for. For example, the Rhodochrosite Heart pictured above would be great programmed for unblocking the physical heart to best give and receive love energy!

The best shape of stone to place near the body would be a pointed crystal, whether this be a terminated wand, tower or natural raw termination. The point allows you to direct the energy of the crystal towards or away from your physical body without actually touching it.

The best shape of stone to place in a room would be a large cluster or a large sphere. Both would emit a harmonious energy to the environment. Again, you would program these to whatever type of physical healing you are seeking.

If you are looking for more answers to specific questions, don't hesitate to email me at or join us on our metaphysical network:

Sheila Satin:: Crystal Healer

Friday, September 19, 2008


Two bright green Malachite tumbled stones in my collection jumped out at me this morning, so I quickly charged them up on my Quartz cluster for the Money Multiplier Practice. There's just something undeniably abundant about Malachite...

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Surprise! Today I woke up with the money multiplier in mind. Since I stopped the routine in July, I haven't felt as abundance. I guess years of negative thinking towards finances has blocked up my system towards money, and it's going to take me a lot longer than just a month of crystal healing.

That said, I woke up today with black Obsidian massage wand in hand and circled the crystal into my chakras with the affirmation "every day in every way, i am rich and richer," paying special attention to ridding that area of my life of negative thoughts towards money. For example, at my throat I wanted to rid the negative connection between money and what I say about it, at my third eye, it was the connection between money and what I think about it, etc...

After 14 affirmations at each chakra, I imagined that the black clouds of energy that had been absorbed from the crystal, were floating away from my physical being. Puffing outwards with white light, it took a while for the black energy to dissipate, but with the help of a my large Quartz master healing Cluster, I was quickly able to immerse myself in the abundant white light of the universe once again...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CRYSTALS: Faithful Spouse

QUESTION: Hi, could you recommend a crystal that would keep a "spouse" from having "wandering eyes" . . . my friend's such a good person . . . your immediate feedback would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

ANSWER: As for keeping a spouse from having "wandering eyes" there is nothing you can do to change another human being's actions. The only thing you can do is change your own. For this purpose, I would recommend that your friend work on her confidence level or whatever is blocking her energies and pushing her spouse away. Have her focus on her own self. She can only attract what energy she herself is putting out. If you need more specific crystal help for this purpose, please tell me a bit more about her personality or what she would like to change about herself.

In general, Rose Quartz is a crystal known for enhancing committed relationships. Relationship crystals should be placed on both sides of the bed to balance the energies between spouses. For example, if you are using 2 Rose Quartz eggs, place one on your side, the other on your spouses's side of the bed.

Sincerely, Sheila Satin : Crystal Healer

CRYSTALS: Fertility

pictured: ruby fuchsite shiva lingam stone

QUESTION: Sheila, thank you very much for taking the time in sending me a reply. Last weekend, one of my friends told me that she's experiencing psychic attacks (actually getting the physical effects of it now) and I happened to be wearing my pendant. I instantly gave it to her, asked her to cleanse and energize. (She said she will program it the following day. It was already night time and didn't want her husband to see her). That was okay, right? If not, please tell me what I should have done.

Yesterday, we talked about the pendant again and I referred her to, etc. and asked me if I knew of a stone that can aid her regarding fertility. She's desperate about having a baby soon. She had a miscarriage I think two or a year ago. I told her that I would look it up (I'll do some research about it and perhaps ask you ladies for your recommendation(s)).

ANSWER: Yes, you can definitely give your crystals to a friend in need, as long as she cleans and reprograms them to her own energies, she will not be affected by yours.

Moonstone is a great fertility stone when programmed for this purpose. Moonstone radiates with the feminine qualities of the Moon Goddess, yin energy.

You can also try fertility shiva lingam stones, which are egg-shaped stones but even on both ends. The Shiva lingam represents the primeval energy of the Creator. It is believed that at the end of creation, all of the different aspects of God find a resting place in the Lingam. The Shiva lingam also represents the infinite Cosmic Column of fire.

Here's a passage from my old blog:

QUESTION: good morning sheila, It's me again lol. I was wondering, would this (regarding the Quartz Shiva Lingam pendant) work similarly to how one of the brown lingams would work? I used one about 4 years ago to help me conceive my first child after I was told I could not become pregnant. I put a large brown lingam under the head of the bed and wore a smaller one around my neck. Just a couple of months later I was pregnant with my son. I am thinking about becoming pregnant again and when I was looking through deciding what to add to my order I came across this and had to ask :) Many thanks and Blessings

ANSWER: I think for your purpose, the lingam would be more effective. This piece will enhance your lingam work as it is a carving of the lingam in Quartz. Quartz, as you know, enhances all the energies around us, and with the lingam symbol, it will remind you of your purpose. It is also set in sterling silver, a metal which enhances the property of crystals as well.

CRYSTALS: Loss & Roomies

QUESTION: Hey Sheila. I wanted to get your advice on some crystals. I recently had a tragic loss and purchased Malachite eggs from your wonderful store to help in my healing. I was curious how long I should leave them buried in sea salt to clear them and how long they should be in the sun to charge? I was also curious if these are the right crystals for this type of healing as Malachite is more for Yang energy. You also sent me an Aventurine tumbler so I’m curious if I should actually being using that for this type of healing, which seems it might be more Yin focused.

I also would like your advice on Rainbow Obsidian. I currently have a roommate who I receive ample amounts of negative energy from and it seems like this would be the right crystal instead of the ever more popular Garnet. Would a sphere in my room suffice? Is it better to have it in a place near the door to my room or somewhere closer to my bed? And would it be too much to also wear a Rainbow Obsidian necklace as well?

Thank you Sheila.


As for your first question, there is no set time as to how long you should clean or charge the crystals, but personally I like to clear them for at least 12 hours the first time I get them. So, I either leave them for one full cycle of the sun or one cycle of the moonlight, depending on what kind of energies I want to focus on: sun being physical healing and moon being more intuitive. Of course, you can leave them for 24 hours as well.

You are correct, Malachite is very yang energy. If you check out my guide on crystal healing the heart: you will see that I recommend this crystal for Hearts that are blocked with yin energy, which yours would be in cases of loss and depression. In this case, you want a balance of yin and yang. Because your heart is blocked with yin energies, you want some strong yang energy to balance this area.

As for your roommate who is giving off a lot of negativity that your aura seems to be absorbing, I would recommend wearing Rainbow Obsidian or carrying a piece in your pocket if you don't prefer to wear jewelry. Then, I would definitely recommend a sphere or other larger piece for your room, placed near the wall that is closest to her room. If you share a wall, I would also recommend placing Rose Quartz here to promote peace.
If you have further questions, I'm always here to answer them!

Sheila Satin: Crystal Healer


Bloodstone is an intense healing crystal, often sacrificing its own color to heal you. Bloodstone bracelets really help with anyone who has blood problems - high blood pressure, blood clots, blood circulation, etc... Wearing Bloodstone bracelets at the wrist, allow the blood to circulate throughout the bodies, through the fingertips and back to the Heart.

Always remember to clean, charge and program all of your crystals before using them for healing purposes!

CLASSES: Online Crystal

QUESTION: Sheila, you and your family have classes at your home in California. Is there any chance you can have them on the internet to teach those of us who live too far away to attend? I would love to take courses.

ANSWER: We are actually going to do a test video of the workshop coming this Saturday that my mom, Ann Satin, will be teaching for hypno-crystals! We will let everyone know when it's up and ready!!

CRYSTALS: Petalite

QUESTION: Sheila, I was wondering if you could tell me why the crystal Petalite is cheaper in a tumblestone or palm stone than it is in a very small rough stone. Let me know if you can find out why. Thank you for your help.

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your question. Don't quote me on this, but my guess is that Petalite is cheaper in its rough form because it so small and rare. It is also a very fragile stone, so it takes a real expert in faceting to actually develop a beautiful cut Petalite. Tumbling Petalite may require several rough pieces to be melded together to make a palm stone and/or it may diminish the value of the crystal because so much of the stone falls apart in this process.

This is my guess, if anyone else has a knowledgable answer to this question, please chime in!

Sheila Satin

SALE: Birthdays

Birthday celebrations have kept me from blogging, but making it up to you with a sale on our online store: idigcrystals - stock up for the fall, holidays are coming fast! more crystal blogging as soon as I get back into non-vacation mode again :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

CRYSTALS: Malachite Poison

QUESTIONS: Do you have any good links to get some more information on Malachite? I noticed you mentioned to be careful when using this crystal. Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi! Excellent question, Malachite is only dangerous when it is in fine powder form and you are breathing it in like asbestos. As polished jewelry it poses no danger, but if you have a raw piece, I would not suggest making a gem elixir to drink. Instead, use the indirect method in which you place the crystal in a glass jar and then in the water. In any case, it's only when you work with raw Malachite in large doses for long periods of time like in the mines or a factory that you really need to worry. We do mention it on our site just for you to be aware of this fact!

for a discussion on malachite safety, feel free to check out this link:

Friday, September 5, 2008

ETSY: Jewelry Heals

A fun article on how crystal healing jewelry can battle our nemesis, negativity: jewelryhealing

CONTEST: Free Book

Today marks the 2nd month anniversary of Satin Crystals social network, and so begins our October contest. It's pretty easy to enter and win a free copy of the much talked about "Incredibly Believable":

And congratulations to "long rider" for winning last month's Green Jasper Merkaba!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


QUESTION: Wow thanks! Well I've already bought the Flurite pendent but I'm looking to add some accent beads - probibly 4. I've just bid on some obsidian beads and I also heard that Green Ruby Zoisite was good for body workers. Do you think all 3 of these will work well toghether? I'm still learning how to use crystal energy so I don't want to make a bomb (figuritivly speaking) Thank you for your help! Also would red coral be a good addition too?

ANSWER: Hi again, that is a good combination. In reality, you can not "go wrong" with the combination of properly cleaned, charged and programmed crystals. They are all emitting a positive energy and can work in harmony with one another. Ruby Zoisite is great because it pays particular attention to the Heart Chakra, our most important chakra centers! It is a balancer of the upper chakras with the green Zoisite and the lower chakras with the red Ruby. This crystal is also known to increase spiritual awareness, which is beneficial when working with energies!

Red Coral is a similar energy as Ruby as that it is stimulating the Root Chakra, your physical energy. So for that purpose it is definitely great, but I think the three crystals you have already is a good package for a body worker!

Sheila Satin : Crystal Healer

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


For those of you following the Health Multiplier practice with me, this is now Day #2, and I'll check in once in a while to give you an update. As you know from the Money Multiplier practice, it's all up to intuition, whatever you feel like doing that day, go with the flow. Yesterday I did 21 crunches reciting the affirmation "I am healthy, I am fit" holding my programmed Labradorite crystal. Today I did leg lefts, 21 lifts on each leg, reciting the affirmation "My leg is fit". Recite whatever affirmation makes sense to you and do it 21 times to allow the message to absorb into your aura!

Monday, September 1, 2008

ETSY: Back to School

My entry into the "Back to School" August "California Crafters of Etsy's" challenge features golden Tigers Eye Crystals. For those of us who work, this office tray is perfect in helping to emit a successful business-minded energy.

Vote this week for your favorite entries and receive discounts on all participating artisan vendor shops, like 10%+free domestic shipping at Sheila Satin Originals!

EVENT: Free Crystal Talk

You are invited to attend a free talk about Crystal Healing and 2012. Lisa will be discussing the power of crystals and how to use them in these changing times. A demonstration of Aura and Chakra cleansing using wands and pendulums will follow. There will be a chance to discuss and ask questions.

Please RSVP early, as space is limited:

Location: San Francisco, California
Date: Friday, September 5, 7pm

CRYSTALS: Clean & Charge

pictured: labradorite elephant

QUESTION: i just got my first do you clean, and charge a stone?

ANSWER: Labradorite is a great crystal! One of my favorites! Thanks for your email, you can check out our online site for information on how to clean and charge crystals: and check out the videos while you're there!!

We also have a social network where you can ask others more about their use with crystals:

Email if you have any other questions!

Sheila Satin : Crystal Healer