Thursday, July 31, 2008

CRYSTALS: Master Charger

Before sending off my handmade crystal healing pieces, they are charged on the large Master Healing Quartz Cluster for a full cycle of sunlight and moonlight.

CRYSTALS: Video Tutorials

Here are some pictures from production day of 3 of my latest Crystal Healing Tutorial Videos.

Special thanks to:
Walter Talens for production (, Tram Nguyen for editing and Ann Satin for support.

Featured in the chakra videos are two hand-painted silk scarves by the talented artist, Jeanne Tracey (

CRYSTALS: Brown Rice

QUESTION: Dear Sheila- I have never heard of using Brown rice to cleanse a crystal. How does it work? What is the theory behind it? I've know of running water and salt water, but the brown rice is a new idea to me and I like the idea, but again what is the basis behind it. I enjoy your site and have recommended it to my friends.

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your email. I personally prefer to use brown rice because it is readily available and easy to use and to store. As for the theory behind it, I don't know where it came from, but my guess is that it has something to do with the fiber coating that white rice does not have. I am not sure about the theory of salt water either other than its connection to the sea, so brown rice may be a connection to the earth. In a sense it would make sense as I am an Earth person and don't prefer the sea. Pure speculation, but may be reality!

I suggest you experiment with the different methods of cleaning crystals (salt water, sage, tap water, brown rice, sea salt, clusters, etc) to find the method that you prefer. You can also watch the video I have on cleaning crystals at:

Let me know if you have any other thoughts or question on the subject. We are always an email away! Thanks for recommending our site to your friends. It is much appreciated.

Sheila Satin
Crystal Healer


Inspired by Batman: The Dark Knight's scene where the Joker has piled up all the cash in city into one looming green tower, I proceeded with my money multiplier practice. Aventurine wand in hand, I imagined myself sitting in the middle of this pile of cash. The cash came tumbling down through my Crown Chakra like a wealthy waterfall.
Every time I pushed it outward, it kept piling back in.

In and Out. Cash Flow.

At one point, I was momentarily horrified as my visualizations "tore" my back off of the rest of my physical body. The bloody sheath of my back removed from the rest of my body; I was maimed. Or so I thought....

Slowly I "saw" the rest of my physical body leave me until finally my skeleton came and left. I was but a thin outline defining my energy body.

I was surprised because the money that was so easily flowing through my physical body now seemed to hit a blockade. It now took extra brain power to finally get the energy of cash to flow through my own energy fields. I focused my Aventurine wand on each of my main chakra points, imagining the energy of cash in the universe flowing through me freely. This proved much harder than "sitting" physically in the pile of cash.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

MOVIE: Enchanted

I just saw Disney's "Enchanted" movie. Makes me want to run away to live a magical life, away from the chaos of mundane life; surrounded by nature, positivity and crystals...


Pamela Johnson
Occupation retired art teacher
Location Missouri

Five things that make you the happiest:
1. Time spent with my boys
2. Creating my art work
3. Everything in nature
4. The books, music, people and occurrences that enhance the spiritual path I’m on right now.
5. Knowing that Spirit is present everywhere and that I lack for nothing.

What are your views on energy healing? I’m just now learning a little about it, but it makes as much sense to me as anything else out there. We are all beings of vibrational energy, so why not use the energy of crystals (or plants, animals, and people, for that matter) to increase our well being? Energy, no matter what form it’s contained in, all comes from the same Source, which in my view is only good and loving.

How do you call abundance into your life? By believing that I already have what I need and accepting it. I’m not always successful at this. Sometimes it’s very hard to put this law into practice, but I’m getting better at it.

What is your favorite crystal? Obsidian. Negativity is toxic, and one of the properties of obsidian is to repel that. What is one crystal or energy healing experience you would like to share with the world? I don’t have one yet.

How do you define success? There are lots of ways to feel successful. When I do something that “gives back” or is helpful to someone else in some way, I feel successful. Accomplishing a goal I have set for myself makes me feel successful. When I’m trying to understand and learn what a spiritual teacher is saying, that “aha” moment of finally “getting it” ( and sometimes it takes a really long time to get there!) gives me a great sense of success.

Three things that you would like to manifest in your life right now:
1. Unshakeable confidence that I can accomplish whatever I set before me to do.
2. Get my art out there into the best venues for me
3. “Can’t put a lid on it” creativity

What types of people do you want to attract into your life (this is so those who like your interview can contact you if they fit your description)? Positive people who are open to Life and celebrate the uniqueness of everyone on the planet.

**If you would like others to contact you, leave your email and any other of your sites you'd like to promote:;

Sometimes I get REALLy behind on my email, but I’d love to hear from you!
If YOU are a happy shiny person who believes in energy healing, has some crystal experiences to relate and wants to be interviewed, please email

Thank you, Pamela! Your positive mind set pays off and inspires!

I Dig Crystals "Happy People Interviews"
Promoting shiny, happy people who believe in their own abundance

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Affirming a positive statement 21 times is a powerful way to ingrain it into your being. I used this method along with my Aventurine Aura Wand to affirm "I am abundance" twenty one times on each of my chakras. Besides saying the words, it gets me thinking of the power of abundance and opening myself up to this source.

Monday, July 28, 2008

CRYSTALS: Neck Pains

Getting too wild on the dancefloor this weekend left me with some neck aches. The perfect crystal for relieving this tension is a Quartz cluster. The cluster's points are constantly circulating positive, healing energies. Holding the cluster up to your neck and imagining a white light melting away the tension here helps to remove the pressure. Depending on the level of stress, it may take but a one 5 minute session or several 5 minute session throughout the day...


Today i used a green Aventurine Merkaba for the money multiplier practice. The merkaba is a combination of 2 pyramids melded together, creating a holy energy, conducive for time travel and dimension crossing. It collects universal energy and brings it to the room you place it, circulating an abundance of the crystal's energy through all the points!
Concentrating on the chakras with the Aventurine Merkaba helps to circulate abundance energy in your aura.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Aventurine is popularly known as the stone of abundance. Any kind of Abundance you wish to program it for. Aventurine is a green Quartz with natura mica inclusions. Ranging from light green to dark green like the wand I use for my money multiplier practice. I especially like to use this wand because it is very long, I can feel the power and wisdom of the ages. It also contains a beautiful clear Quartz ball at the end with a brilliant rainbow, reminding me of the different chakra colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).
Passing the Quartz sphere over my eyes after the money multiplying affirmations, I "saw" a bright green light behind my eyelids.

Friday, July 25, 2008


The last two days found me practicing the "money multiplier" during exercise! I used the Bloodstone Egg and Moss Agate ball directly on my physical body at the chakra points. While exercising, your body is naturally circulating a lot of energy, might as well program it for abundance!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

San Francisco Crystal Party

A reminder to all of you in the San Francisco area, my sister Lisa has her big Grand Opening Party tomorrow evening! My mom, Ann, will also be there, a perfect opportunity to meet them and other crystal enthusiasts! I am sending along some I Dig Crystal prizes!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I used my long Aventurine Aura wand for the money multiplier practice, opening the chakras with the positive affirmation "every day in every way, i am rich and richer," concentrating on each of the chakras with deliberation. In general, each of our main energy wheels (or chakras) that connects us to our aura also connect us to some aspect of our current lives and how we can relate these to abundance:

Crown - spiritual connection, connecting to the source of abundance

Mental - mental energy and connection to positive thoughts

Throat - communication center, how we are able to communicate our needs

Heart - love energy for the abundance we have around us

Solar Plexus - emotional balance and stability to allow abundance to flow free

Sacral - our passion and fire for life's abundance

Root - connecting the spiritual abundance to our own physical lives here today.

Monday, July 21, 2008


I lie with my long Aventurine Aura Wand, opening the chakras with the affirmation that has become so familiar to me: "every day in every way, I am rich and richer". I thought about a question someone posted on our social network, about programming crystals and how many times she should repeat her affirmations.

In general crystal healing, there is no need to re-affirm your intention, but in calling in abundance and other such practices, I think it's very beneficial. It's akin to chanting, where you are calling in the positive vibrations of your affirmation into your aura, into your cells, your very being...In my opinion, you should affirm the positive thought until it is ingrained in your life.

It's great to call out "I am abundance" several times a day. It helps you to align yourself with this thought and energy. It reminds us of our natural being which is so often confused with the chaos around our every day conscious minds.

So, I say repeat away! Make yourself vibrate with the energy of positivity.
Thank you for being a part of I Dig Crystals, Satin Crystals, the Money Multiplying Practice. I thank the universe for your positive energies and thoughts and I send you the same....


Sitting crosss-legged on my balcony, eyes closed, the setting sun shining on my right eye, Bloodstone Egg and Moss Agate Ball in hand, the wind swirls around me. I am the center of the storm and there are swirls of abundance generated, accumulated and received.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

BLOG: Ask the Angels

Our friend Michele Amburgey has started a wonderful new blog where us readers can "Ask the Angels" questions by posting a comment: Gematrian Lighthouse

Ask those pressing life-questions on your mind and share the blog with your family and friends who need guidance as well!

ETSY: Christmas in July Challenge

Voting has begun for California Crafters Club of Etsy's (CCCOE) "Christmas in July" challenge. If you don't already have an account, you will simply have to register with and post your vote on the following forum link:

Not to sway your vote, but you may be interested in:
5. "Holiday in my tribe" by SheilaSatin

Have fun looking through all the talented crafter's entries. Voting ends on July 26. All voters get a discount at participating CCCOE store. At my etsy store, you will get 10% off and always free domestic shipping!


The money multiplier exercise is to call money into your aura. To unblock any negatively programmed thoughts on money. It may take a lot of time depending on your programming. It may be a quick breakthrough. Essentially we want to break the cycle and connect you with the source of cash flow in the universe...

The past two days I used my long Aventurine aura wand to open my chakras with the positive affirmation, "every day in every way I am rich and richer". As mentioned in the first "money multiplying" post, you can use any abundance crystal that you are comfortable with.

As I imagined how rich and wealthy I am, a warm positive energy blanket floated over my body...

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Sitting on my balcony at twilight. The air is comfortably warm. The evening atmosphere is settling into night. I go over my chakras with my abudance programmed Moss Agate sphere, "every day in every way I am rich and richer". I am connected to the plants, the air and the earth.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


With Bloodstone Egg in one hand, Moss Agate ball in the other, I physically placed the crystals on each of the 7 main chakras while affirming out loud "every day in every way I am rich and richer". This allowed me to feel the actual physical vibrations of abundance filling my aura.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


General frustration clogged my energies today and I needed to do something to clear it. So, I picked up my Quartz Epidote cluster and sat with it for the money multiplier exercise. While doing this, my mind seemed to expand. I was staring at my hardwood floor and it seemed to become clearer yet more detached. As I sat there with the crystal cluster in my hands, I was constantly inspired to get up and do something else that came to mind.
In the end, I was inspired to clear out my apartment of any clutter. I am not a pack-rat, I love to donate things to people who are going to use them. Frivolous storage clogs up our energies. So, I went through each room and pushed aside that "maybe one day..." mentality. Maybe One Day is Today...

"every day in every way i am rich and richer"

Monday, July 14, 2008


Something I like is massage. Most of the time it's down to self-massage for lack of any free willing masseurs. In these times, I am thankful for my massage crystals! Today I practiced my money multiplying routine with my Bloodstone egg (programmed for retaining wealth), massaging each of the 7 main chakras, releasing the negative toxins and filling them with my affirmation "every day in every way i am rich and richer."

Crystal eggs are excellent to hold in the hand while doing self-massage. They are solid, smooth and energizing!

CRYSTALS: beginners imagination

QUESTION: Sheila, I have read that if you hold a crystal you can feel heat, or vibration,etc. I have only once felt anything. What can I do to be more in tune with the crystals physically? Does lack of feeling these things negatively affect the healing power? Thanks.

ANSWER: Thanks for your question. This is a common question for beginners. Even for those like me, who have been working with crystals for years, there are certain stones that I will not be able to feel the energies.
What I suggest is imagine. After all, you really are feeling the energies, but you may not know it! It may the a slight pulse in the vein, a breeze through your hair, a subtle emotion. Imagine that anything you are feeling is the energy of the crystal. This is how you'll come to trust in your intuition (your instincts). Don't doubt yourself.

If you think you don't feel anything; change your thinking.

Everything is not physical, you may be feeling it subconsciously. After all, we are working with energies beyond the physical realm here, so most of us are not going to be open to such phenomenons. Practice and experience will get you connected. I would suggest having a couple of regular crystals always nearby. Whatever is convenient for you, have them somewhere you can see and pick up easily - in your car door, on your desk, your bedstand, your sink...These will become your "teaching crystals"...

Read up on the properties of these crystals and choose which one property you want to program for each crystal. For example, if Quatz is one of your teaching crystals, you can program it for "clarifying your mind in chaotic circumstances"...then, when such circumstances comes up, hold the Quartz and imagine that your mind is clearing up.
Before long, natural energies will take over imagination...

CRYSTALS: Video Tutorials

My debut video has been produced today! A few informative minutes on "Pendulum Dowsing," thanks to the help of my mom, Ann Satin, for use of her healing space and my friend Tram for her excellent video production skills! Tram is now in her cutting room working away, so stay tuned for this and many other crystal healing tuturials to be posted on our social networking site:


Weekends are prone to enjoying freedoms of's what happened in my Money Multiplying practice over the weekend...Saturday, I actually did the practice mentally while surrounded by the elements of life. I felt a sort of clarity, a peace among the chaos as I went over my chakras with my crystals, friends chatting, cat pacing, traffic buzzing...

Sunday, I used my long Aventurine Aura wand again, powering the chakras with the mantra "every day in every way, I am rich and richer"...really concentrating and getting into character helps you to tune in and feel the energies you are invoking. After this ritual, I thanked the universe for all that I do have in my life. Gratitude melted through my aura and I imagined yelling 'THANK YOU!' out into the universe and it reverberated through the galaxies without me having to make a sound...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

SOCIALize with Satin Crystals

We have created a dynamic new social networking group for Satin Crystals - this includes I Dig Crystals, California Hypnosis Institute and Satin Store. All those who are curious or seasoned in the energy of crystals, dreams, the universe, metaphysical events are invited to join us:

Raise vibrations and consciousness with Satin Crystals! See you there!

CRYSTALS: healing beginner

QUESTION: I'm interested in healing with crystals. Where do you use them? What if your issues need 2 or more crystals? Can you get me started on my new service work? Also, can you suggest any books? Do you know any crystal healers?

ANSWER: Thanks for your questions. My family practices crystal healing here in California. You can find my sister Lisa Satin in San Francisco at, myself and my mom practice in Orange County at and . I would suggest you check Body Mind Spirit Directory for someone in your area. We also just started a very active social network for healers around the world, you are welcome to join and post your requests, questions and answers at SATINCRYTALS.

You will probably have an easier time finding other kinds of energy healers like reiki masters because crystal healing is just now beginning to become popular. Rest assured that this is a growing field. I used to go to the gem bookstores and they had about 10 titles available on wholesale. I went back a few weeks ago and was astounded to see 50+ titles! I would suggest "the essential crystal handbook" to you because not only is it colorful, comprehensive and informative, but it is compact, easy to read and easy to look up stuff on the go! This is a good reference manual for crystals and their healing properties, so you can start by seeing what kinds of crystal energies you are needing. After that, there are also crystal healing books (which I don't have up at the moment, but I can sell those to you separately or you may find them at your local bookstore) which tell you how to use these crystals in your daily life, home, work, etc...

The most popular gem/crystal reference books are written by Melody. Everyone in the field knows about her books. They are super-thick, so you may find them a little overwhelming like I did because each crystal has so many properties that it seems contradictory (but in reality each crystal can be programmed for whatever you want), and there are no nice picture to indicate which crystal is what! I guess that's why she also wrote an accompanying book that has only pictures of minerals! Both are the "Love is in the Earth" series!

If your issue needs 2 or more crystals, that's no problem at all. The important point is to clean, charge and program your crystals them for what you want. As I said, every crystal has various crystal healing properties. The important part is to program them to focus on your issues at hand. Crystals can be used together and sometimes it's even more effective using more crystals than one.

As to where you use them; this is also as varied as the number of crystals out there! The main point is to listen to your intuition (your trust in your instincts). This is really hard for a lot of people, including myself at first, because we are so conditioned to think in the educational system where there is at least one right answer and not to trust what we feel. Each one of us will feel something different, and that's what makes energy work so intuitive. So as far as what to do with each crystal, I can make my own suggestions as to how I use them and how I use them on my clients if you give me a specific crystal to answer. From there, you can try out my suggestions yourself and modify to your own liking!

I hope this has helped in your beginnings to a beautiful crystal healing world. Don't forget to join SATINCRYSTALS where there are many like-minded individuals waiting to answer your questions.

I look forward to working with you in the future.
Sheila Satin

Friday, July 11, 2008


We have recently started to keep a green Agate crystal slab in our cat Princess's water bowl for her general well-being and to counteract anxieties. She's a little scaredy cat when company comes over, and they often do here, so placing these crystals has really helped her stress. Now instead of hiding the whole time, she'll hide for a while before popping out to investigate the new arrivals!

CRYSTALS: in the car

I keep tumbled Red Jasper crystals on the sidedoor of my car, so that whenever I need a grounding back to reality, I can easily reach over and hold these smooth stones in my hand.
So often while driving our mind wanders and we become spaced out, which is obviously not the best state to be in while operating a vehicle!


I am working at my mom's place today so I substituted my usual abundance crystals for a beautiful refreshing green Apophyllite cluster I found on her counter. Cluster are great in emitting energies from all of the crystal points together in a harmonious fashion. I passed this cluster over the 7 main chakras, again reciting aloud "every day in every way I am rich and richer"...


Mark Andres
Occupation: Midlife Career Transition Coach, Reiki Teacher, Feng Shui Practitioner
Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Five things that make you the happiest:
1. Helping people discover their purpose and passion in life and watching them set out on a new and rewarding path in life.
2. Walking with my dog on the local nature trail at sunrise.
3. Watching my daughters dance: my oldest daughter for her grace and beauty; my youngest daughter for her spunk and spirit.
4. Taking Kit's Sunday morning Yin Yoga class at Harmony House Wellness Center.
5. Facilitating my Wednesday weekly Law of Attraction class.

What are your views on energy healing? Energy healing is an integral part of my life. For me, Reiki and crystal healing are something I use in my daily life with my family and friends like the average person uses Advil and Rol-aids. I believe that the ability to restore ourselves to our natural state of perfect health is an inherent gift in all of us provided by our Creator.

How do you call abundance into your life? I use what I call the GAGA principle. Gratitude - Every morning, I use a wrist mala to list out the things I am grateful for in my life. Every night before I go to bed, I write down 5 things that happened during the day that I am grateful for in my gratitude journal. Affirmations - I use affirmations throughout the day, both abundance specific and general ones as well. I believe one of the biggest ways we block the natural flow of abundance lies in our feelings that we are not good enough, we are not worthy, or we don't deserve it. I use affirmations by Louise Hay, Florence Scovel Shinn, and others to improve my relationship with myself. Giving - The word affluence means "to flow through." I know that abundance is meant to flow. I know that giving is receiving is giving. So I give to others those things that I want in my life. Allowing - I know that abundance is my natural birth right. I do not need to go out and get it. All I need to do is let it in. I trust in my supply, expect abundance to show up, and allow it into my life.

What is your favorite crystal? I have a wonderful tourmaline that is pea green on one end and jet black on the other. I got it from a Wiccan in England and it is so wonderful.

What is one crystal or energy healing experience you would like to share with the world? In addition to dance, my oldest daughter also does gymnastics. One evening when I was just get started working with crystals, she came back from gymnastics class with her wrist all swollen up. She had sprained it doing a back handspring. They had iced it for 20 minutes, but it was still swollen, purple, and throbbing. Just that day, I had obtained an amethyst pendulum. So, I figured this was a chance to try it out. I had my daughter put her arm on the table and I held the amethyst over it while send Reiki with the other hand. She said that the throbbing stopped within a few seconds. After about 10 minutes the most amazing thing happened. The swelling started to shrink, visibly, right before our eyes. The purple color also began to diminish. I was amazed and my daughter just kept saying "This is so cool." Within 20 minutes the swelling was gone, there was no pain, and most of the discoloration was gone. The next morning, there was a small streak of purple but no pain or swelling at all. Within 48 hours she was doing back handsprings again when her gymnastic teacher expected her to be out for 2-3 weeks.

How do you define success? "Success is doing what you want to do, when you want to do it, all the time." I have this on my website.

Three things that you would like to manifest in your life right now:
1. I would like to attract clients who can benefit from my services and change their lives for the better.
2. I started 2008 weighing 165 pounds. I set the goal of weighing 135 by the end of 2008. I am now down to 149. I know that I will achieve my goal. More importantly, I am eating much healthier than I ever have before. And I love it!
3. I would like to have a life partner in my life who will support me and accept me as I am.

What types of people do you want to attract into your life (this is so those who like your interview can contact you if they fit your description)? As I said above, I would like to attract clients who can benefit from my coaching and make significant changes in their lives for the better. I would also like a special partner who will support and accept me. In addition, I would like to attract people who can teach me things I need to learn. Finally, I like attracting people that I can help indirectly, maybe by connecting them to someone who can help them out. Kind of like a spiritual matchmaker.

**If you would like others to contact you, leave your email and any other of your sites you'd like to promote:

For more information, I welcome readers to my websites:
Open Your Future Coaching:
The Healing Rabbit:

To contact me directly, please e-mail me at

To connect with me socially, I can be found on
Law of Attraction group on NING: (Please join)

If YOU are a happy shiny person who believes in energy healing, has some crystal experiences to relate and wants to be interviewed, please email

Thank you, Mark! Your active pursuit of abundance is inspirational.

I Dig Crystals "Happy People Interviews"
Promoting shiny, happy people who believe in their own abundance

Thursday, July 10, 2008

CRYSTALS: Buzzing Mookaite

QUESTION: Good should I interpet this reaction to some mooklite I have...I have 3 stones and when a hold 2 of them in my left hand (my receiving hand) and the other one in my right hand I get chills type feeling and have to set the stone takes about 2-3 minutes for the feeling to go this a postive reaction or what?
ANSWER: Thanks for your post. I am not sure what Mooklite is, but perhaps you meant the purple variety of Jasper, Mookaite? Regardless, if you're having a strong reaction to any crystal you hold, it definitely means that there is a strong vibrational exchange between your energy and the crystals'. Your aura is lacking in something that the crystal is emitting, so it is definitely a positive sign that you have these crystals with you!
As you probably heard many times, we are attracted to the crystals that we need. Work with these crystals for a few weeks. If it gets too overwhelming at any one time, just put them away until the next day. Make sure to clean them often a well because they are absorbing out any negativity in your aura that you do not want back!
join us on our social networking group: satincrystals


Abundance radiates as i hold my long aventurine aura wand, programmed for financial abundance. I focus on all 7 main chakras as they relate to this exercise:

crown: connecting with universal abundance
mental: connecting with all the good, creative ideas out there to enhance abundance and implementing them
throat: communicating what i want from this life
heart: connecting to the divine source of love for what i do
solar: connecting to those around me to aid me in my endeavors
sacral: connecting to a passion for what i do
root: giving me the grounding physical energy to operate on earth.

for more fun, join us on our social networking group: satincrystals

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


A thumping energy filled my aura as I practiced my "money multiplier" routine today. I went back to the long Aventurine wand, circling the tip around each of my chakras with the mantra "every day in every way I am rich and richer". After which, I held the Bloodstone egg to maintain wealth in my aura and the Moss Agate ball for an abundance of natural resources. This thumping energy strengthened and spread to those around me, to those around the city, the state, the country, the world...I could feel the whole world radiating with this green thumping energy.


Fabienne Marneau
Occupation: Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Soul Artist.
Location: Lake Forest, California for Healing and International Seminars and Retreats.

Five things that make you the happiest:
1. Being with my two sons (hearing them laugh in the house), time out with my husband & love.
2. Having a relaxing or interesting time with friends or family
3. Healing sessions with clients or Spiritual Seminars: Being in purpose with my destiny.
4. Relaxing or studying alone, in peace. Being in warm water receiving insights and light energy.
5. Painting, writing and singing.

What are your views on energy healing? Everything is energy, so as well using healing intent.

How do you call abundance into your life? Peace and joy. A peaceful mind does not fear anything. When trust in the divine power of Infinite Intelligence we attract unlimited flow of everything: love, health, joy, wealth.

What is your favorite crystal? I love them all, they talk to me and they are so powerful. I use a crystal generator for healing, and I like to activate the crystals that are in my DNA…

What is one crystal or energy healing experience you would like to share with the world? Here is a Distant Healing Testimonial using crystal pendulum from one of my clients: "Thank you, Fabienne, for the remote healing dowsing session for my dear cat, Ninnie. As you know, she suffered from terrible nightmares almost all her adult life. When she slept, she would shake and meow with scared little whimpers and wake up suddenly, disoriented and very frightened. She would find me, and come and snuggle her cheek on top of mine and hold me close, like a child, until I could calm her. I could tell she was scared and distraught. After our remote healing session, she was like a new kitty. She was fearless, and would run around, play, and be inquisitive, just like when she was a kitten. She sleeps well, and I can tell her spirit is fresh and lighthearted. We both thank you so much."xoxo-Andrea and Ninnie

How do you define success? I trust that what ever need to be done, or can be done, will happen with the natural healing power of the crystals. There for success is always the result, it helps to be neutral face to the outcome.

Three things that you would like to manifest in your life right now:
1. Spiritual Retreats in Ojai
2. Spiritual Retreats in France
3. Quality recording of the songs send by my angels.

What types of people do you want to attract into your life (this is so those who like your interview can contact you if they fit your description)? Someone who could be my PR miracle worker and personal assistant.

**If you would like others to contact you, leave your email and any other of your sites you'd like to promote:;

If YOU are a happy shiny person who believes in energy healing, has some crystal experiences to relate and wants to be interviewed, please email

Thank you, Fabienne! I can see the beauty around you.

I Dig Crystals "Happy People Interviews"
Promoting shiny, happy people who believe in their own abundance

CRYSTAL: Amethyst & Quartz

QUESTION: Hello Sheila, , , ,I apologize for not keeping up with Ann and yourself , , ,a few long stories hidden there somewhere I am sure , , , I do keep up with your store and your sister’s too , , ,her grand opening kinda’ gives me a good feeling , , ,kinda’ like seeing progress and a dream come to fruition as does Idigcrystals too! , , , I am motivated to write (finally) because of you blog on “happy people” , , ,now that is a novel, positive idea and I wish all God’s power and blessings with it , , , ,I am opening an eBay store most likely today... Idigcrystals, your family, and the interactions online and at the classes last year are a large portion of my inspiration, so I do thank you.

I do have an odd story I would like to share , , ,I decided to focus again on Feng Shui a month back , , ,in the family area or east direction, , , I got the colors right, added many family pictures and friends too then hung from the ceiling two crystals – pendulum style , , ,one was amethyst and the other quartz , , ,once completed I noticed I had placed the amethyst on the right of the built-in- hutch with a large central mirror above the pictures, which were of family and friends who have passed onward , , , and the quartz above family and friends closest to me today , , , then a funny thing happen after that weekend later in the week, , , ,I have kept a pouch in my left pocket with double terminating crystals – 2 amethyst, 2 quartz, 2 rose quartz and 2 tumbled carnelian crystals , , ,, , ,anyway that following Thur morning I, , , I reached in my pocket to fetch my lighter and discovered two crystals outside of the bag – a amethyst and a quartz , , , ,I was puzzled (still am) and kinda’ awestruck , , , I mean I have that little pouch tied with a tight knot and I used to be a boy scout, so I know what I am doing (LOL) , , , I pondered for sometime then decided to just roll with flow and trust in energies of the universe and have faith in my belief system , , , ,and think balance was being sought and it was answered.

ANSWER: Thanks for your email! It's been a while, but we're always glad to "reunite" with old friends. We just sent you an invite to our new social networking group called Satin Crystals, so you can ask others to interpret your crystal happenings as well, but in my opinion, these crystals are mysteriously untying themselves from your pouch because they need some attention!! It is an obvious sign that the energy you programmed these crystals for are needed in your life in some way only you can know!

I would definitely pay particular attention to what the energies of Amethyst and Quartz mean to you! For example, to me, Amethyst is connecting to the spiritual energies, everything that exists beyond our physical realm. If Amethyst were calling out to me, I would take some time to reassess what the spiritual world means in my physical life. Quartz to me is self-healing and I would reflect on any physical aspects of myself that need healing/attention and KNOW that with the power of my mind and the aid of crystals that I can heal myself...always.

I see you are relating Amethyst to your past relatives (again spiritual), perhaps they are trying to tell you something, to aid you through your physical path. Quartz you related to your current family and friends, I am sure that some of them are here to help you heal whatever may be troubling you in the current moment. Seek their help.
I hope this interpretation helps you. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them on our new group or email us directly!

Your friend, Sheila :)

CRYSTAL: Anxiety & Post-Surgery

QUESTION: I need help with the healing process and the anxiety I am having prior to the surgery. Do you have any suggestions for me as far as my crystals? I thought I was going to have to have a root canal done on my tooth but the fluorite did it's magic, once again!

ANSWER: While surgery would be my last resort for any type of healing, I am happy to suggest any crystals that will aid you :) I'm sure you have thought long and hard on this decision, and that it's the right decision for you :)
For the healing process, I would use Quartz. For anxiety, I would recommend Fluorite again. Fluorite seems to be a very important crystal for you! Fluorite will help to calm the nerves, it's also great for stomach/digestion issues. If you have Fluorite slabs, it's easy to place on this area, easy to hold and rub when you are feeling anxious.

CRYSTALS: Quartz Attraction

QUESTION: Is it normal to be attracted to only one type of crystal? So far I have only an interest in clear quartz and have been using it exclusively. Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi, clear Quartz is the most popular of the crystals. It is the most abundant type of crystal on earth and appeals to the most people, regardless of energy beliefs! It is not at all uncommon that you have a strong affinity with this crystal.

Quartz is the "master healing" crystal, used in all general energy healing. Quartz clusters are used to clean and charge other crystals. Quartz is known to expand our aura energies - if you have ever taken an aura photo in the Kirlian camera and held a piece of Quartz, your aura will be much brighter. Quartz is also very precise in the energy it emits, used in our wrist watches and even to keep Greenwich Mean Time!
Quartz also comes in many different and just as popular varieties like pink Rose Quartz, purple Amethyst, yellow Citrine, green Aventurine...

Thanks for your question,

Sheila :)


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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


A day of money moths! Today I decided to lie on my bed with two green tumbled Malachite crystals in my hands. I went through the 7 chakra chant of "every day in every way I am becoming rich and richer". Then, I affirmed all of the things in my life that I am grateful for. I do this often just to lift the spirits, and I usually focus on the small things that made my day so great and then move on to a wider appreciation of wealth in my life.

I then started to internally affirm "my money multiplies" and "I retain wealth". With the first affirmation I felt the energy of the crystal in my left hand flicker like a moth. With the second affirmation, I felt the energy of the crystal in my right hand solid as a rock. The second time, I felt like there were two moths flickering upward, but the right hand energy remained solid. It was a nice sensation, so I kept going. Before long, it was as though a rainbow of "money moths" were energetically flying over my aura...


Today I used a green Aventurine carving of the Hindu elephant god, Ganesh for the 7 chakra chant "every day in every way I am becoming rich and richer". Aventurine for abundance and Ganesh the bringer of wealth in Hindu tradition. I placed this carving on each of the chakras as I went through with the chant, allowing the image to call in abundance to my aura.

Ganesh is the Hindu Elephant god, benevolent to the people. He is the Remover of Obstacles, Bringer of Wealth and Wisdom. Ganesh reminds you to thank the universe for the abundance swirling around you. Aventurine Ganesh will bring Abundance in whatever you may ask for!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Today I decided to do my money multiplying practice standing up, letting my spine stretch long. This helped me to ground my energies and connect the crown of my head to universal energy.

To achieve this kind of balance, we must maintain good posture. Just keep reminding yourself of the benefits of "length" whenever you realize your slumping tendencies. It can be done!

To further this exercise, imagine all the negativity in your body flowing down through the soles of your feet, through the floor, through the miles of dirt and releasing into the core of earth. Imagine positive energy flowing from the universe down from the sky, through your roof, into the crown of your head. Take as much as you want: it's infinite!

ANSWER: Crystals for Blood Disease

(pictured: bloodstone heart)

QUESTION: Hello...I would like to talk to you about the power of crystals...I am a caulbearer and this was told to me by my father, who I found later in life due to adoption..I'm exceptionally gifted and would like to learn more about the healing aspects of crystal because I have purchased a few and a pretty rose quartz with a very pointed edge I have, heats up in my hand and I have learned to pray and use it's energy because it is very powerful.

My grandaughter is in the hospital with a rare blood disease that causes all of her blood to disappear from the inside and she is only 9 months old. I go there and pray with her and take this rose quartz with me and her blood levels go up...I only find that they go down whenever her mother takes her home with her..this has been going on for about 2 months...I pray all the time and I know she will be okay just want to learn more..thanks...


Thank you for your email. It sounds like you have really gotten in touch with and activated the loving powers of Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz vibrates at a frequency very much like that of Divine Love in the universe. It helps us to open up our Heart Chakras, love ourselves and those around us. From what you have told me, I imagine that your granddaughter is benefiting from your love being enhanced through the Rose Quartz crystal. Crystals are excellent in enhancing our emotions and our own strengths. When you are not around her, her condition seems to go back to its former state. What I would suggest, if it's an option for her, is to use Bloodstone. Perhaps around her bed or if she could wear a small piece of jewelry. But as she is so young, this may be difficult. Perhaps placing or taping it under her bed/crib will do the trick.

Bloodstone is a very intense healing stone, which in extreme cases, like your granddaughter's, will sacrifice its own energies for the ailing person. There have been some cases in which the Bloodstone drains itself of all of its colors just to help the person recover. Even otherwise, Bloodstone is great for blood circulation and enhancing the immune system.

I think with a combination of the crystals and your own powerful healing energies, your granddaughter will be able to feel the strength necessary to live a vivacious life. As silly as it may sound with her being so young, ultimately it is up to the individual whether they want to live or move on. It just depends on their purpose in this life. That said, you of course should do everything in your powers to help her in positive energy.

To learn more about crystals and the energy of stones, I would suggest purchasing one of the many crystal healing books out there (a few can be found in my store, but I have more I did not put up yet!), taking some crystal healing workshops (check my site for ones we teach around the world) and experimenting on your own. Since we all have different energies, you will quickly find your own strengths with certain crystals (like Rose Quartz).

Thank you for writing to me.

I look forward to helping you with your crystal healing needs throughout...

Sheila Satin


I took a lazy-day yesterday, but I did stick with the money multiplying practice! This time I used my Aventurine Wand and a natural raw Quartz point because I needed a boost in my aura. Quartz is a great crystal to use when you want to strengthen your aura energy. Imagine a ball of energy surrounding and mimicking your physical body. You want this energy to be strong and powerful so that your physical energies remain balanced. Quartz is great for lazy days!

More on Aura energies:

Friday, July 4, 2008

FEATURE: Butterfly Gourd

Gourd Art was a whole new world to me when introduced by an expert gourd artist, Pam Johnson! I recently received this marvelous butterfly necklace from her etsy shop. All of her pieces are intricately cut, sanded, and artfully hand-painted.

Gourds come from the same family as pumpkins, and when dried they have a similar appearance as wood. Gourd artists then go to work, carving, shaping, polishing, painting, pyrography, etc!

We come to better appreciate the detail and time put into such pieces when we make our own feeble attempts at creation. They make it look so easy!

If you would like to be featured, please email


As you pass through the 7 chakras with your positive affirmation "every day in every way i am becoming rich and richer," remember to visualize or feel your chakra energy flowing freely like a well-oiled wheel. Essentially your chakras are energy vortexes flowing in through the front of your body and out the back. We want to make sure they are open and flowing freely!

Even if you think you are imagining whatever you are feeling during crystal healing, go with it! This is how you will come to develop and trust in your own intuition (instincts).

For all of you who celebrate july 4th, an abundant independence to you!

CRYSTALS: Programming Pendulums

QUESTION: Just received 3 gemstones from you today. Does the pendulum need to be asked yes and no each time you use it? Do these gemstones need to be cleared before I use them?

ANSWER: Thanks for your email. The pendulum only needs to be programmed one time per person. You may want to reprogram it if someone else starts to use it. The pendulum does not need to be cleared if you are not using it for healing and just using it for dowsing or checking chakra energies. If you are using it for active healing in which it can aborb negative energies, you should clear it. Clearing it anyway does not hurt either!

For more pendulum instructions, visit:

All of the gemstones you are going to use for healing purposes should be cleaned, charged and programmed to be most effective! If you are unsure, check my website or blog or a crystal healing book for more information on ways to do this.

Sheila Satin