Thursday, October 30, 2008

CRYSTALS vs Swarovski

Just a note about Swarovski crystals. Due to mad marketing, these manufactured gems have become mainstream "crystals" in the eye of the public. In fact, they are NOT natural crystals. As beautiful and glittery as they are, these are actually lead and glass made in a factory.



ANSWER: As for facets, the more the cuts, the more the focus of the crystal's energy through the tip. For example, if you are using a massage wand with no facets, you will get a subtle, gentle energy dispersing around the aura. If you are using a 16 facet wand for massage, you are going to get an intense energy, great for concentrating on tension spots.

CRYSTALS: Size Lemurian Himalayan


ANSWER: The lemurian seed crystal is unique because unlike most Quartz crystals, they grow individually rather than in a cluster. They have an unusually clear interior and a distinctive horizontal striation on the sides.

The Himalayan Quartz crystals come the high altitudes of the Himalayan mountains, considered to be the oldest and highest deposits known. The classic shape has a wide base and facets narrowing at the tip, also known as Cathedral Crystals.

As with all crystals, the size depends on the relation of use. If you are going to be carrying them around, you want a smaller size which can fit in a pocket with ease. If you are going to be using them in active healing, you want more energy to flow over the client, and you would choose a larger crystal. Determine what you will be mainly using the crystal for and then think about how comfortable the size will be for that purpose.

CRYSTALS: Slay Demons

QUESTION: Can this crystal be used for demon slaying like the bronze phurba daggers?

ANSWER: You are correct, this crystal is excellent for slaying negative demons. Quartz is especially useful in fighting dark forces and the phurba dagger is great at banishing evil.

The Phurba is a 3-headed dagger associated with Tibetan Buddhism. The Phurba affixes space to earth, thus forming a continuum of energy between both realms. It unites all that is disassociated. Great for bringing together all of your different bodies (physical, spiritual, emotional, etc) during healings.

Sheila Satin
Crystal Healer


QUESTION: I am looking for sphere's to use in La Stone therapy which would require the spheres to be iced. Does this material handle iced tempatures without breaking?

ANSWER: Thanks for your question. We are happy to hear that you are using crystals in your LaStone therapy. Obsidian has a hardness of about 6 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, so it is pretty tough, considering the average organic crystals you use for icing start at the hardness of 3. Of course, you should always keep in mind that over time, the polish of these crystals under iced or heated conditions will inevitably scratch and fade, but consider this a natural phenomenon of working with Nature!

Thank you for your healing in this world,
Sincerely, Sheila Satin

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

CRYSTAL: Darkening

QUESTION: Hi Sheila, I have a friend how has a Amethyst that is turning darker (very dark) She asked me why i told her i dont know , can you help. we was told as my friend has it on her night and day it is picking up energys from her is that true.

ANSWER: Yes, that is definitely true, as the conditions that the crystal goes through will make it change accordingly. Environmental, emotional, any kind of energy change that the crystal is exposed will change its own energy structure just as it does our own. I would not worry about this at all, just have her clean and recharge the crystal if she wants to use it for healing. If it is just for beauty, there is no harm in continuing to wear it as is!


QUESTION: Hi Sheila. I'm trying to help a friend who has memory problems. His doctors have said he does not have alzeimer's, frontal lobe amnesia and has not had a stroke. The docs say a portion of his brain has ceased functioning. He is having problems with numbers and some language, does not remember how to use a computer keyboard (he made his living as a technical writer for many years) and little short term memory. On the other side, he's pretty happy, amazingly; has a good kind heart and is in good physical health. So far, he can take care of himself pretty well. I just try to keep an eye on making sure he takes medicine, exercises , eats and does some spiritual practice. His teacher recommended he focus on breathing practice and mantra. And that seems to work well. What would you suggest in terms of particular stones and patterns for brain healing and, I would guess, re-activation? i have used various crystals and lapis, selenite, albite and some others. I am a Reiki Jin Kei Do/Buddho master and use that as well. He has a real connection to tiger eye and has a couple of spheres, some tumbled stones and a mala of tiger eye. We're open to suggestions, thoughts, ideas. thanks a lot.

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your question. I would definitely recommend Quartz for your friend's brain functions. This is the crystal for enhancing mental energy, a mental massager if you will! It will help to balance the right and left brains. You can use it in conjunction with Tigers Eye or any other of the crystals he has an affinity to, but definitely use as much Quartz as will allow in your healing practices.

Additionally, Sodalite and Lapis are also great mental stimulators. A combination of these stones will surely get his energies on the right track!

Sheila Satin
Crystal Healer

CRYSTALS: Pointing In or Out

QUESTION: Hi Sheila, I just read that in a healing grid you should have the six quartz points pointing away from the center pyramid crystal. It said that it sends the energy from the center crystal (I use a pyramid) out to the Universe. Which way is the best?

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your question. Which way you should point your crystals depends on what you want to do with them. If you are wanting to release energy from your aura to the universe, you will point your crystals away from your body. If you want to absorb positive energy from the universe, as enhanced by the crystals, you will point them towards you!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CRYSTALS: Fluorite Dreams

QUESTION: I had a dream about fluorite in the days I was starting to go insane. I bought a green fluorite chip and used it as one of my first crystals. It has since been lost, and I have had many other dreams about certain crystals. My question is, is it important for me to get a new fluorite piece or should I use one of the other crystals I have?

ANSWER: My answer to you is a definite YES! Fluorite is obviously calling you for some reason known only to you. Whatever the properties of Fluorite are, they are something you should be working with. Some properties of Fluorite - focus, concentration, calming the nerves...

If you're still having Fluorite dreams, I would say you should definitely obtain another piece. If you are no longer dreaming of this crystal, you may want to move on to whatever crystals are popping up more!
I would also suggest posting on our forums and seeing what others think of your crystal dreams:
Sheila Satin
Crystal Healer

CRYSTALS: Programming

QUESTION: I just happened to read about your Quartz healing method for sore throat and I have a few crystals lying about. But how do I program them?

ANSWER: Thanks for your question. It is very easy to program crystals. Of course there are many methods, but my preferred one is placing it my hand and imagining the light of the universe flowing down through the stone as I thank it for whatever I want to program it for.

For more info, check out my website instructions: crystal care

CRYSTALS: Overdrive

pictured: carnelian bracelet

QUESTION: I was googling crystal changing colors and came across your blog. I have been wearing 2 Carnelian's for a month and 2 Aventurine's for a week to aid fertility.

I've been having IVF and have discovered my ovaries hardly produce any follicles/eggs even when on high dose of fertility meds so I have been carrying the crystals in my pockets or taped onto my skin on the ovaries with micropore tape to help and heal them and have noticed all 4 crystals have changed colors, they've got white bits on them and some parts has gone almost completely white.2 of them has now also got some tiny holes/dents which are black inside.

I have been under alot of stress leading up to my next treatment in a few weeks time after have been trying for a baby for over 8 years,have had 8 IVF's and 2 miscarriages and are feeling very scared of yet another failed IVF or another miscarriage and so on.

Is this why the gems have changed in a bid to heal me of negativity?
Can you suggest any more crystals?

ANSWER: Thank you for your email. Yours is one of those extreme cases where the crystals are working on overdrive, absorbing excess negative energies from your aura. I have heard of a few cases like this, especially when there is some kind of extreme stress, like Apache Tears turning from black to clear to absorb mourning energy or Bloodstone losing all of its red color in cases of anemia and Garnets even starting to smoke in the strong presence of evil.

That being said, you are doing the right thing in taping these crystals to your skin in the appropriate area. I assume you have
cleaned, charged and programmed your crystals before using them for healing? In your case, I would clean and charge them on a daily basis (programming is only necessary once), seeing as how hard they are working, they may lose their energy. I would also have a backup set of crystals to let one set rest while the other is working.

Above all else, fear is playing a detrimental part in blocking your healing energies. Naturally you will have fear, but I would suggest "tricking" yourself, reciting positive affirmations and thanking the universe for everything you already DO have to achieve all that you still want to have.

Other crystals besides Carnelian and Aventurine, I would recommend
Moonstone, a great fertility stone and connecting with your feminine energies and Unakite, another great one for pregnancies, connecting to Mother Earth and her creative energies.

Appreciate all that is meant to be,
Sheila Satin
Crystal Healer

CRYSTALS: Aura Wands


ANSWER: Hello, thanks for your question. Yes, size and color do matter in choosing the right healing wand. If your wife is using these wands just for herself, personal use, then a small one will be sufficient (approximately 6"-7"). If she is planning on healing others with the wand, she'd want something longer around 8-10". If she is really professional, then she'd want something 10" or longer. In this case she'd want at least two different wands so that one can be cleaning while the other is being used in active healing.

As for the color of the stone, they focus on different areas of your life. So, this Amethyst one, purple, for example will be more focused towards spiritual healing, anything to do with the head, the mental energy, and the throat/communication area.

A Quartz wand would be an all-purpose crystal, so for all the areas of life. A rose Quartz (pink) would be focused on the Heart energy. A Tigers Eye (golden brown) wand would help in confidence, business aspects and grounding. I would recommend you check out the metaphysical properties of different crystals to determine what energy your wife would like to work with!

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask!
Sheila Satin
Crystal healer

CRYSTALS: Breast Cancer

QUESTION: Would this (bloodstone and jasper heart set) be an appropriate gift for a friend battling breast cancer? I want something pretty thta says I'm thinking of you and will also help her to heal.

ANSWER: I would highly recommend Selenite Hearts for this purpose, but of course any crystal programmed for such a loving gesture will be amazing in the healing process.

Selenite is specifically focused on regenerating cells and has been a popular crystal to use on cancer patients.

I would also recommend Obsidian hearts, which are very strong at letting go of any negative emotional issues the patient may be holding on to.

Thank you for your question and good luck with all your auctions!

Sheila Satin
Crystal Healer

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Monday, October 6, 2008


I'll be out of town and the country for most of October. When traveling, keep Moonstone with you to keep your sense of direction balanced! Moontsone comes in peach, pink, white and shades thereof, but the one distinguishing feature of this stone is that it contains a beautiful lunar sheen upon its surface!