Monday, June 30, 2008

QUESTION: How do crystals heal?

QUESTION: How do crystal heal? How does that work?

ANSWER: Crystals come in many hundreds of forms, colors, shapes, and sizes. Crystals form naturally in the earth, usually over very long time frames like millions of years. What differentiates a crystal from an ordinary stone or rock is the fact that all the atomic structure in a crystal is uniform and polarized. This property allows crystals to affect the flow of energy, which ordinary stones cannot do. There is extensive scientific reasoning for crystal energy, which I will not go into here as it does not really concern us, but I may post later if anyone is interested!

Upon touching a crystal, body heat and your intention activate the crystal. Once activated, the crystal mingles the Universal Energy Field (UEF) and the Human Energy Field (HEF) including your intent. It is able to direct the flow of energy and balance any discrepancies in your aura.

Because in its clean state the crystal is always flowing with a uniform, positive energy it is able to align human energy to this natural positive state. Depending on their structure, each crystal is giving off a certain type of energy or vibration. For example, the energy of Quartz crystals are so recise that they are used to maintain Greenwich Mean Time!

Consider crystals as pillars of positive balance. As humans our energies are in a constant state of flux depending on our moods, our surroundings, our activities. Using crystals help us to align with this stable balanced pillar of power in the universe.

Money Multiplier Month

So, I have posted and advised others on this crystal healing method of calling abundance of money into one's life, but I have yet to practice it myself.

Tomorrow being a new month, I welcome you to join me in a 30 day "money multiplier" practice!

I will be using a long Aventurine Aura Wand for abundance, Bloodstone Egg for wealth, and Moss Agate Ball for abundance of natural resources. Perhaps some other crystals that catch my whim as well!

You can use the prescribed Aventurine or Citrine Pyramids or any other crystals that you feel comfortable with in calling money into your life.

So, pick your crystals, clean, charge and program them tonight and we will begin tomorrow...



Happy People Interview: Michele Amburgey

Michele Amburgey, MSP, CCH, HHP, RMT
Occupation: Metaphysical Science Practitioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Advance Energy Healer, Intuitive Counselor/Reader, Spiritual Teacher and Divine Channel
Location: Costa Mesa, California

Five things that make you the happiest:
1. Love!
2. Being in service!
3. Singing!
4. Sharing time with my awesome friends! Ann, you are the best!!!
5. Doing my healing work!!!

What are your views on energy healing? There is nothing in this world that is not energy... and being able to use this power that each of us has within, through thoughts and beliefs, through time and space, to heal at the most profound and deepest levels.. well... It's the only way to fly!!

How do you call abundance into your life? Through Affirmative Prayer and Positive Thought

What is your favorite crystal? My Beloved Aura Wand from Satin Crystals!!!

What is one crystal or energy healing experience you would like to share with the world? I was taking Sunny Satin's Spiritual Hypnotherapy Class, and Ann was there with her crystals. I kept being drawn to this huge, beautiful Aura wand, clear crystal with garnets and silver. At each break I would wander over to it, just looking, not daring to touch because I believed it was far to costly for me at that time. Near the end of the class, at the last break, I just had to pick it up. I knew my time to just feel it, to touch it, may be drawing to a close. So I reached out and gently picked up this lovely piece... and the whole world went into brilliant white light!! All I remember is looking toward Sunny, and I saw his smiling face, then looking at Ann, also smiling...and said "I think I have to have this, can you take payments?" Sunny looked as if he might have burst out laughing and said "Yes, it's yours". When I brought it home, I was so awed by the piece that I was afraid to touch it. One evening I had some friends over, and showed the wand, one of them said, "Well, pass it over to me"... and as I did, I heard the most beautiful singing voice say "I am of the Angelic Realm of the Dominions, and I am here to bring healing to all, through you, and through all who recieve us". To this day, the most profound and miraculous healings have been given to everyone I have done healing work on with that wand. She is my friend, my Angel, and my guide. Thank you, Sunny, Thank you, Ann for your love and generosity!

How do you define success? Inner Peace, Endless Joy and Limitless Prosperity for all!!

Three things that you would like to manifest in your life right now:
1. 20 or more paying healing clients per week
2. My True Love Realtionship
3. World Healing

What types of people do you want to attract into your life (this is so those who like your interview can contact you if they fit your description)? : People who know that Love is all there is, who are honest, kind, faithful, who are into meditation, energy healing, crystals, Divine Consciousness, and people who would like to share their experiences and love of all the above!! I also wish to invite anyone who is interested in spirituality to check out my website, and the many services and classes available. If I can be of service, please contact me!

**If you would like others to contact you, leave your email and any other of your sites you'd like to promote
949 202-7493
If YOU are a happy shiny person who believes in energy healing, has some crystal experiences to relate and wants to be interviewed, please email

Thank you, Michele! Your focus on all that is positive will help you overcome great obstacles!

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy People Interview: Adriana Medina

Adriana Medina
Occupation: Personal Trainer/Business Owner
Location: Seattle Washington

Five things that make you the happiest:
1. Catching up with friends I haven't seen in awhile and picking up like we left off!
2. Watching my clients change there lives and become super independent individuals that have goals constantly and are making history.
3. Being able to run a race or do something I seen as impossible or challenging (marathon).
4. Taking care of my nieces and nephews
5. Turning of the light switch right before I slip into bed!

What are your views on energy healing? Energy healing works. Everybody lets out some sort of energy rather good or bad. What ever you believe is true.

How do you call abundance into your life? Lots of love, enough to eat, and having people you can trust and go too.

What is your favorite crystal? Amethyst and Quartz.

What is one crystal or energy healing experience you would like to share with the world? Ooh, I just looked this up and I think it's true about me: Amethyst Calming energy. Encourages spirituality and contentment. Stone of stability, strength, and peace. Excellent for meditation.

How do you define success?Not worrying about what people think and finding ones' own happiness. I read that once and I believe that.

Three things that you would like to manifest in your life right now:
1. A more efficient way to reach people who want fitness in there life yet don't know how to get there
2. Make more money without having to work as hard as I do. (but love)
3. I want an incredibly rewarding relationship with someone that is my fit.

What types of people do you want to attract into your life (this is so those who like your interview can contact you if they fit your description)? People who have goals, are doing something they love and are mentally stimulating.

If YOU are a happy shiny person who believes in energy healing, has some crystal experiences to relate and wants to be interviewed, please email

Thank you, Adriana! You are full of happy energy!

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Goddess of Mercy: Kuan Yin

A goddess gaining increasing popularity here in the "western world"is Mother Kwan Yin. "Goddess of Mercy and Compassion," she is also called an Ascended Master. An Ascended Master essentially refers to someone who has learned all their lessons, transmuted their karma, and is not compelled to experience being reborn into a physical body if they do not desire it.

Being one of the "mother" goddesses, Kwan Yin is especially connected to those in need of any kind of help; be they sick, lost, frightened or simply in unfortunate circumstances. She is a great protector and benefactor of the weak, the ill and especially the children and the babies. She responds to the heartfelt needs and anguish of the people of earth regardless of background or belief. Kwan-Yin teaches us to live simply and mindfully, taking good care of our bodies and our thoughts as well as our souls.

Keeping crystal images of her around will allow you to meditate or focus energy when you are in need of the Goddess's aid. Place a statue in your home hang a charm in your car or wear a pendant of the goddess's carving in your aura.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy People Interview: Lillian Gomez

Lillian Gomez
Occupation: CAD Technician
Location: Orange County, CA

Five things that make you the happiest:
1. Being around good friends & family
2. Eating well =)
3. Listening to my favorite music
4. Expressing myself by dancing to house music = love & happiness = a big smile on my face
5. Bringing forth my truest potential

What are your views on energy healing? Fantastic. I’m open to anything that helps me become a better person.

How do you call abundance into your life? Chanting nam myoho renge kyo.

What is your favorite crystal? A very small, flat and very beautiful Rhodocrosite crystal purchased from Sheila last year. I keep it near me all the time.

What is one crystal or energy healing experience you would like to share with the world? I believe that your thoughts, words and actions become realized the moment they are manifested. I see a benefit from using crystals to focus thoughts.

Three things that you would like to manifest in your life right now:
1. Deepen my relationship with myself and those around me.
2. Meet a great man that compliments/challenges me and grow a healthy, nurturing relationship together. I want someone to grow old and wrinkly with. =)
3. Eliminate my outstanding debt to establish financial security without the use of credit.

How do you define success? To be happy and at ease.

What types of people do you want to attract into your life (this is so those who like your interview can contact you if they fit your description)? Like-minded, positive people similar to my sunny disposition. I learn a lot through others and love opportunities to grow, however I have many terrific friends that I enjoy spending time with and spread myself thin. Rather than increasing the number of friends, I seek to deepen my relationship with the ones I have. I am open to welcome new friendships, but I opt to be selective. Quality over quantity.

**If you would like others to contact you, leave your email and any other of your sites you'd like to promote:

--------------------------------------------------------8<--------------------- If YOU are a happy shiny person who believes in energy healing, has some crystal experiences to relate and wants to be interviewed, please email

Thank you, Lillian! You are the friendliest person I know!

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Double Terminated Crystals

Question: I was looking in your store, bid on some more herks, saw your picture and read the brief description of how you got started. You say you are a Crystal Healer. How do crystals heal? How does that work? I have some issues that Iwould like to resolve if it is possible to fix with the crystals I have bought from you and other ebay members.

First of all, I want to thank you for your purchase and interest in crystals. Many people have no idea why they are so attracted to crystals and why they keep collecting them through out their lives. They say that crystals make them feel good.

Herkimer Diamonds (or herks as you call them) are special double-ended Quartz crystals that come from only one place: Herkimer, New York. We sell double-terminators which are also natural Quartz but have been polished and faceted for crystal healing. The double points act like a transmitter and receiver of energy.

Here are a few ways to use these double-terminators for healing:

  • Carry them with you to transmute the negative energy (from one end) into the positive energy (out on the other end). The result helps you receive the positive energy circulation at all time.
  • Amethyst double-terminators can be placed on your crown or third-eye chakra for about 30 minutes to open up the blockage of energy on both chakras. Amethyst gives out spiritual energy and connects you with the higher realms.
  • Clear Quartz double-terminators can be placed on all chakras for about 30 minutes to open and to balance the energy. Clear Quartz is known as a "master healer” which provides all energies.

  • Rose Quartz double-terminators can be placed on your heart to unblock and balance love energy. Great for those with a lot of yang/aggressive energies blocking their hearts!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy People Interview: Ann Satin

Ann Satin
Occupation: Hypnotherapist, Crystal Therapist, Teacher
Location: Orange County, California

Five things that make you the happiest:
1. Spiritual teaching
2. Travel
3. See other people around happy
4. Connection with other side
5. Connection with like mind

What are your views on energy healing? It is the only way that works.

How do you call abundance into your life? Believe that it is already there.

What is your favorite crystal? All

What is one crystal or energy healing experience you would like to share with the world? Many clients are healed by the Aura Wand.

Three things that you would like to manifest in your life right now:
1. Pay off the mortgage :)
2. Constant flow of teaching while traveling around the world
3. Consciously aware of the connection with the higher realms

How do you define success? When you are truly happy.

What types of people do you want to attract into your life (this is so those who like your interview can contact you if they fit your description)? People who love themselves and others unconditionally.

**If you would like others to contact you, leave your email and any other of your sites you'd like to promote:

--------------------------------------------------------8<--------------------- If YOU are a happy shiny person who believes in energy healing, has some crystal experiences to relate and wants to be interviewed, please email

Thank you, Ann! You are the most genuine, down-to-earth spiritual teacher!

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Happy People Interview: Tina Lam

Tina Lam
: Radiologist
Location: Hong Kong

Five things that make you the happiest:
1. To be alive and able to work
2. Enjoy the company of my family
3. Reading a good book
4. Go to my favorite beach, swim or collect sea glass
5. Discover and visit new places

What are your views on energy healing?
I believe our destiny depends on what we think of it. Self fulfilling prophecy works both way. I believe thinking positively and filling oneself with positive energy will drive away bad luck and attract good fortune. I believe no one are born to be malicious or bad. They might just had bad experiences and coping negatively. Life itself is not perfect, but we could make it better by lingering on the good times and leaving the worse behind. Always look forward to the present and ahead, because that is where reality is. I believe the purpose of bad experiences is not to make us suffer.

That is what I realized while collecting sea glass. A sharp piece of broken glass is shaped by the gentle and persistent forces of nature into a rounded frosted gem. Everyone come into the world as a sharp glass shard, shaped by our unique experiences into gems. If only we are polished, we would not be who we are today. Nobody guaranteed that the process of polishing would not be painless!

How do you call abundance into your life? I would remind myself to take life's problems one at a time. I would try to give and share my good fortune with the needy. I would pray for my love ones. However busy I might be, I would set aside some time for myself everyday. 10 mins or 30 mins, I would read a book, go over old photographs, or draw a picture. To calm down from the rat-race and remember who I am!

What is your favorite crystal? Amethyst. It's pleasant [purple] color calms me.

What is one crystal or energy healing experience you would like to share with the world? Well, I do feel clearer in mind if I'm wearing Amethyst. But if you count sea glass or sea shells, I do have one very unique experience. 8 years ago in July, when my youngest daughter is just a baby, my supervisor asked me to attend 2 months fellowship training in a hospital in San Francisco, far far away from my home in Hong Kong. I missed my family very much and had a hidden fear that something might happen to me that I might never see them anymore. One day, loving the beach and ocean as I am, I went to the Ocean Beach looking for sea glass and shells. I saw broken sand dollars all over the shore. Since we never had any sand dollars in Hong Kong, I wanted to bring one home to show my kids. I looked and looked but I could not find one that was not broken. Since it was getting dark, I decided to leave. But my legs carried me towards a sandy bluff instead of the road. I huffed and puffed to the top of the sandy bluff and there, half burried in the sand, was a whole sand dollar.

I thanked God because through this experience, He said to me: 'Do not fear, I am watching over you all the time. I know what you are looking for and I will give it to you.'

How do you define success? Success is being able to contribute to society. Ever little gesture counts.

Three things that you would like to manifest in your life right now:
1. To inspire people around me to think positively.
2. To care for my patients and comfort them not just as a doctor, but as one who has survived cancer
3. To share my passion and philosophy inspired by sea glass through my website and etsy store

What types of people do you want to attract into your life (this is so those who like your interview can contact you if they fit your description)? Anyone who appreciate my attitude and is inspired. Anyone who would like to share their thoughts of fighting cancer or of supernatural encounters.

**If you would like others to contact you, leave your email and any other of your sites you'd like to promote:


If YOU are a happy shiny person who believes in energy healing, has some crystal experiences to relate and wants to be interviewed, please email

Thank you, Tina! You are a very inspirational person!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy People Interview: Lisa Satin

Lisa Satin
Occupation: Crystal Healer
Location: San Francisco, CA

Five things that make you the happiest:
1. Cats
2. Harmony
3. Friends
4. Wind
5. Meditating

What are your views on energy healing? Very effective- that's why I am all about it.

How do you call abundance into your life? I meditate for a few minutes each day, envisioning an abundance of everything being pulled toward me, then my family, and then the entire world.

What is your favorite crystal?
Rainbow Obsidian

What is one crystal or energy healing experience you would like to share with the world? After using a Satin Crystals aura stick wand to cleanse the Third Eye chakra of another student, she was able to see all kinds of light beings and forms.

Three things that you would like to manifest in your life right now:
1. An abundance of clients and customers
2. An abundance of friends
3. A storefront for my work and new forum type web page

How do you define success? Success is about learning and turning everything into a positive experience.

What types of people do you want to attract into your life? Open minded people with something to contribute to the world.

**If you would like others to contact you, leave your email and any other of your sites you'd like to promote:
Satin Crystals Office & Showroom
1914 Polk St. #205
San Francisco, Ca 94109

If YOU are a happy shiny person who believes in energy healing, has some crystal experiences to relate and wants to be interviewed, please email

Thank you, Lisa! You have always had a special connection with abundance

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Happy People Interview: Jennifer Beaton

Jennifer Beaton
Occupation: I've always considered my Mom job to be my #1 job!
Location: Westlake, Ohio

5 things that make me the happiest:
1. my kids
2. music
3. etsy
4. my new car (shallow but true)
5. shopping for my shop

my views on energy healing?
I believe giving off positive energy can heal!

an energy experience for me is...well, working out! I'm not kidding! Years ago I was diagnosed with chronic fatique syndrome and they wanted to give me anti-depressants-no way!! I started working out slowly and now, at age 51, I have more energy and am more healthy than ever. I work out at least 6 days ago, for about an hour, either spinning, bosu, pilates, yogilates, and zumba!

three things that I would like to manifest in my life:
1. I'm always working on my self esteem, I would like to manifest a better feeling about myself!
2. I would like to help my kids to manifest a positive and fun attitude towards life (a great sense of humor is so important)
3. I would like to also manifest financial security.

The types of people I would like to attract: please do not apply to be my friend unless you will be an unconditional friend. that is what I am, I have only a few friends, but don't feel sorry for me...they're the best friends you can ask for, and no matter what they do or say I will stick by them of my best friends is my older daughter, Lindsey, who just turned 25. I would like to attract only people that have a sense of humor and only people that don't dwell on the little things...let them go, geez, we're not here that long, enjoy yourself and those around you! When I was laid off from my part time job, February 14, 2008 (they actually made us keep working there (there were three of us) until 3/31-that was awful), I was completely devastated. As a loyal person and loyal employee, I could not believe they were doing that to me. My daughter, Lindsey, encouraged me to open a shop on Etsy because I have always had a passion for antiques and vintage! She now has three shops on Etsy! So on April 1st, I did it! I opened my shop. I taught myself how to market myself, photography, buying and selling, how to package fragile glass items, etc. I am proud of what I have accomplished these past three months.
I want to tell everyone, if I can do can they!

So it turns out, losing my job was the best thing that could have ever happened to me..I'm learning so much more about myself, and at 51, I feel more like 25!

My shop is and please check out my blog (that was a whole new world for me also)

If YOU are a happy shiny person who believes in energy healing, has some crystal experiences to relate and wants to be interviewed, please email

Thank you, Jennifer! The positive universe is within you.
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Satin Crystal Showroom Grand Opening Party - San Francisco

My sister will be opening up her Crystal Showroom in San Francisco (Polk Street), celebrating a GRAND OPENING party on Friday July 25th at 7pm for all interested in crystals and parties!! Email or call her for directions!

Host: Lisa Satin

Phone: 415-776-7446 (office)

Come celebrate the official opening of my office and crystal showroom! The party will go from 7pm-9pm. Included in the festivities is dinner, drinks, and music by DJ FourMajor. Each attendee will receive a raffle ticket for wonderful prizes, and more can be purchased to boost your chances of winning (100% proceeds going to charity). Plus, a special offer of 20% off all purchases made at the opening ceremony!!!!Do feel free to bring guests, but please reflect the number of guests in your reply so that I can make an accurate appoximation of how much food will be needed. For those of us who wish to continue afterwards, the Bell Tower bar and restaurant is just downstairs (Polk @Jackson), and many other establishments are an easy walking distance away! I look forward to seeing you there, and thank you all for your support!

Seeking Happy People to Promote

I am beginning a series of interviews on shiny, happy people who believe in energy healing and the power of abundance. If you have any positive thoughts on the subject or even one great experience with crystals, contact me and I will send you some interview questions. You will then be able to tell the world what energies you want to attract and also get your name/company out there!

Email me at if you are interested in being interviewed!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crystals for love & biz

QUESTION: Hello, I live in Athens Greece. A friend of mine told me about your site and I saw a few things and have a question for you. I am interested in purchasing the Sardonyx net pendant 2 '' drop, black band crystal healing and the Tigers eye net pendant 1,5'' Oval golden crystal healing. I would like to know if I can wear both at the same time. I have started my own business a few years ago (small real estate office), and due to the fact that in real estate no matter how hard you work you doo need some luck as to close and finalize a deal or to attract the right clients. As for relationship wise I am ready to take the next step (Marriage) with my partner and basically I want to boost both my professional and my personal life. Thank you.

ANSWER: Hello, thanks for your question. Yes, you can definitely wear the Sardonyx and the Tigers Eye pendants together. Crystals are often used in combinations with each other for different purposes. Think of it as a balanced life where all sorts of energies are needed to help you achieve harmony!

Congratulations on starting your own business. It's a lot of work, but as long as it is your passion like ours is, it will not feel like work! For business we definitely recommend golden Tigers Eye and brown Jasper. Jasper is a great business crystal, nurturing the environment. You can placea large Jasper sphere or pyramid in your office for this purpose. Carnelian is one you can wear or keep some small pieces with you to attract and be successful in your business when you leave the office. Many clients of ours wear Carnelian when they go for interviews or they are pursuing a new project.

As for your relationship, we highly recommend Rose Quartz to strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Rose Quartz flows with the energy of love in the universe and is best placed in the bedroom or worn over the heart. Another great crystal for loyalty in marriage and maintaining strong commitment is Sardonyx!

Looking back on your email, it seems you have been drawn to two very important crystals in your life - Tigers Eye and Sardonyx! This is what usually happens. The crystals are calling out to you to fill a void in your own energy (aura). And, as you may know, every crystal has many different healing properties, so you are going to want to clean, heal and program each one for your specific purpose.

To find more information on crystal healing you can visit our metaphysical website: or email us with additional questions! I also make customized crystal healing pieces which can be found and requested at

Thanks again,
Sheila Satin :: crystal healer

Email to submit your own crystal healing questions.

Diary 2009: I am 4/20

I have joined to participate in an artistically fascinating project called Diary 2009. Every artist gets to design their own page of the year and this diary will be written in around the world! Thanks to Fantazya for putting this all together! Stand by eagerly for your copies!

LBMA After Dark

We will be donating Sheila Satin Originals to the Long Beach Museum of Art "After Dark" Party tomorrow night, Thursday, June 26 7-10pm. Even if you are not a member, come out for the festivities and meet up with me for the fun!

Crystal Healing Hands-On Workshop

My charismatic mother, Ann Satin, will be teaching a Crystal Healing Workshop at the Unity Church of Riverside on Saturday, July 12, 2008.

For all interested, visit this link and forward it to friends:

Her classes have always been very popular. She rarely teaches here at home in California because of her busy travel schedule, so come take advantage of true higher learning!!

I will also be there reuniting the crystals with their earthly owners. See you then!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

how to use selenite wands

Question: Could you give me some pointers about working with this aura wand? It is beautiful!

Thanks for your question! Here are some ways to use the selenite wand:
  • Have someone scan your aura for you. Sweep the Selenite wand about 6" away from your physical body, up and down, front and back at least 3 times. This will seal your aura and protect you from any negativity that tries to get in.

  • Hold it in your hands during meditation to help you connect with the angelic realm and higher dimensions.

  • Keep it under the pillow while sleeping to help you connect with your spirit guides and angles. But be careful, because Selenite is a form of Gypsum, a soft crystal that can break easily.

  • Place it on your third-eye (the point between your eye-brows) to activate your third-eye chakra.

  • Selenite is often used in aiding cancer patients and others because of its cell-regeneration energies.

  • Selenite transmutes the energy and cleanses itself, so you don't need to clean or charge this crystal. Plus, you can place other crystals to charge on Selenite!

Submit your own crystal healing related questions here!

Friday, June 20, 2008

ebay live in chicago

In the midst of a cold convention center, i write you from one of the ebay internet portals to let those of you who didn't get the message know that there's an "away-sale" at my store this week! I'll be back in sunny california next week with great chicago adventures to share.

look forward to answering your crystal healing questions as well!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

"framed" treasury

My "framed" necklace was featured in the "steampunk lady godiva" treasury on etsy alongside other talented creators today:

"framed" was inspired by those who like to color outside the lines. Wearing this unique crystal piece will help you overcome all barriers.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

when drinking vino

Tonight is "International Couchsurfing Day", and being the city ambassador for Long Beach, I'm taking the celebrating surfers to our local wine bar, Casa Vino!

In doing so, I keep in mind to wear Moss Agate crystals tonight!! This keeps me from dehydration and consequently prevents a nasty wine-induced hangover. Yey for crystals!

When you are ready to have crystal customized for such useful energies, contact me through etsy!

a bevy of cures

QUESTION: Hi Sheila, last summer you told me of some crystals I could use for my health conditions which are severe arthritis, bone on bone in the knees and the same in my spine, no disk left in lower back. You recommended mochi balls and selenite. I have a couple of pieces of selenite, one is a rounded wand for massaging, the other a narrow rectangle piece that splinters so it can't be used for massaging. I recently ordered the mochi balls from you on ebay, as well as some citrine tumbled stones and the window quartz pieces/palm stones. I have numerous books but still get overwhelmed.

How do I use the mochi balls?
I got the citrine stones to give to my children who are financially struggling in this economy. I don't know why I got the crystal quartz, I guess that will be revealed to me on a need to know basis. I also want to take some gemstone elixir but don't know which stones to use...I think you may have told be calcite. Is that yellow, orange? How many stones do I put into each preparation, and how much water? Do I use spring water, tab water, distilled? And what kind of container? Would a quart fruit jar be ok? It is clear glass but has a metal lid.

I am considering ordering your Dad's book? I will maybe next month or ask for it for my birthday later this month. I may need to get some calcite stones from you for the elixir if you have the kind I need.

I also have a friend who is going through so much grief. Actually, two friends. One lost her husband suddenly. I made her an amethyst and rose quartz bracelet but I feel that she is still suffering a lot. My other friend lost her husband 2 years ago and recently lost her oldest son in a car accident. As I look through all my books on grief, nothing jumps out at me for her. I know apache tears is good for that but I don't have the beads to make jewelry and she isn't open to the whole idea of stones. I do this jewelry thing to help those that don't realize how much stones can help. They are open to wearing the jewelry. I clean it and dedicate it to them as their needs manifest themselves to the stone. It is my way of helping people who aren't open to this way of healing. I know one doesn't need to believe in them for them to work...they just have to wear the stones.

I thank you again and look forward to hearing from you and getting your suggestions


The mochi balls you use by rubbing over the affected area. I haven't done this myself, but several clients who have arthritis swear by mochi balls, so I wanted to pass on this information!

The Citrine crystals make sure that your kids keep them wherever they keep cash so that there can be a flow. Many clients also swear by Citrine and it is commonly known as the "Merchant Stone". I myself prefer Aventurine and Bloodstone, but again, it's up to personal prefernce and resonance with each crystal.

Calcite comes in many different colors. I use one tumbled stone (3/4"-1") to one glass of water, more or less. You will come up with your own method, but to start off, you can use this measurement for elixirs. And the water is again up to you. Whatever you are used to drinking. I drink tap water, so that is what I use, but if you're used to some other kind of water, I would use that. A fruit jar is fine. If you are concerned with the metal lid, I would just place a paper towel over that top if you are concerned with impurities falling into the water while creating.

My dad's book, "Incredibly Believable!" is a wonderful, uplifting and easy to read book. Wherever he is now in the universe, he is looking out for us as all the advanced souls are. We overcome our mortal dilemmas and crystals are definitely an aid in the right direction.

For your friends going through grief, I would definitely stick with black stones because these are much stronger in absorbing and transmuting negativity. If you can't find Apache Tear beads, definitely use Obsidian. Apache Tears are a form of Obsidian.

I also started my own jewelry line since we last emailed, you can check it out at and if you have any custom requests, I am happy to create!

You are certainly correct, you don't have to believe in the crystals for them to work! But it's just the more powerful when you do accept their energies :)

guardian angels

Angels get a lot of attention. The foremost being the whimsical, winged unisex creatures floating about, protecting our legions from evil. Having attended Angel workshops and invoked Angel aid, I must say the angels are not for me.

We all have some sort of guardian angels, but it's not until we can "see" them clearly that we will know what to ask for. In my case, it became clear one night last week. I was lying in bed, trying to go to sleep, when I flicker of ethereal mist whipped through my bedroom door. At first I figured it was our cat, Charles, but looking around and seeing no physical being, I just "knew" that it was my guardian angel. And they are not just one, but there are many. All of the cats of my past, all of the independent, serene, self-important felines of the present.

At that moment, I knew why traditional angels never heed my pleas...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

putting the tower to rest

A loyal customer came to me today heartbroken about a Quartz Tower wand he had been using for quite some time had broken in his hands. After much use of his beloved crystal, it lay shattered in three pieces. He asked me for advice of what to do. As I tell all of those who come to me in this state, I suggested he lay these pieces to rest in his garden or potted plants. These crystal shards are excellent for root stimulation. The plants are the happy and the crystal is happy to be back in the ground.

Why this happens? Especially with heavily used crystal tools, you may encounter surprise shattering when the crystal has absorbed too much energy. In essence, it is done. Sometimes it has not been cleaned enough and can't hold too much of a negative charge. Sometimes it has just drained itself of its own energies. Sometimes it's just physical. Whatever the case, thank it and lay it to rest.

Another idea I have been using recently is placing these pieces in my artwork. It can not harm you because it is not being used actively in healing, but the crystal is still giving off a pleasant, natural vibration from an admirable point of view.

can you see the air?

In the end, it doesn't matter if we can see it, if we can feel it or if we believe it. As long as it works. My father used to have past-life regression clients who were totally Christian in faith. They did not formally believe in past lives, and yet when they slipped into a state of natural hypnosis, they came to see themselves in ancient situations. Upon returning to reality, they would insist that it was their imaginations creating these wild stories of intrigue. My dad didn't care; as long as these skeptical clients were getting cured, that's all that was important.

Your faith is irrelevant. Your healing will occur.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

releasing to the press

Sometimes lazy days are good 'cause they gather up that pent up energy for a blast of motivation the next day. That day will be tomorrow...But at least today we finished my press release, which is super exciting. See you soon, mansion!

For press inquiries: Introducing Dig Crystals

Monday, June 9, 2008

crystals to sell your home

Question: Thanks about the information on aventurine and citrine, is that for good luck with selling your house? I had read that if you are selling your house and put citrine in the far left corner of your house it will sell. I am a bit confused by that if it is far left on the same level of the house or upstairs or downstairs?

Answer: The far left corner of your house in Chinese Feng Shui practice is your "money corner," so anything to do with finances is best concentrated in this area! Personally, I prefer glittering green Aventurine to yellow Citrine, but many people swear by Citrine, so I guess it just depends on your preferences and persoal resonance with each crystal! Remember to clean, charge and program the crystal so it can concentrate on selling your house for an excellent price. Have no doubts. It will work! Also, the bigger the more powerful! In my own money corner, I also place large Bloodstones for abundance, Tiger's Eye Ganesh figures for business and Jet for financial stability.

The "far left corner" would be downstairs if that is where your front door to your house is. I would concentrate on this area, but you can also supplement the energies with the far left corner for your upstairs. You also have money corners in each individual room.

Good Luck in selling your home with crystal energy!

::to submit your own crystal healing questions, email me::

Friday, June 6, 2008

luscious lapis

Lapis Lazuli is a a rich blue stone, one of the rarer colors in nature's minerals. The best Lapis (in my opinion) is deep blue with beautiful gold flake inclusions. Lapis should always include these stunning natural flakes of golden inclusions whether it be solid blue or one mixed with white. Because of its amazing colors, Lapis is one of the more popular crystals, pushing up its market value and making it a prized stone of healing, jewelry and display.

For display, I place my Lapis Chunk in my Healing room for a soothing calm vibration.

When I work with Lapis, I place it on my Third Eye Chakra (middle of my forehead) and I feel like the stone is sucking out my thoughts, relieving me of overanalyzing, bringing me a sense of relief. I like to keep the crystals I want to work with at my bedside for easy access before I fall asleep or when I wake up...let's face it, sometimes we just get lazy about these things and if it's right there while you are already lying down, what can be better!

When I place it or wear it over my Throat Chakra, which I personally find is often blocked, I feel a tingling sensation, as though the crystal is clearing up my thoughts and ideas for clear expression.

My clients tell me that the Lapis Doubleterminator Crystals I use in crystal healing layouts have left them feeling much more balanced mentally. Like clear lasers filtering their worries for clarity and peace.

Meditators who buy Lapis from me tell me that it increases their concentration, expanding their minds like a misty blue landscape to a higher dimension. Personally I have never really tried to meditate, but if I were to start, I would choose to use Lapis, Selenite or Quartz Merkabas to aid my progress.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

leave pr to the professionals

So last night my friend Enna, who is a PR professional, came over to come up with a granding marketing scheme for me and my companies. I don't know why it was so difficult for words for flow, but at least we came up with an intern ad! I'm not sure if they give interns to home offices though.

In any case, the indirect outcome was the active redesign of my website: , resuming my beloved blogging and looking into adding my site in jewelry and indie diy directories.

For those of you starting out or wanting more exposure, this is an easy thing to do if you like being online like I do! Search for "jewelry directory" or "handmade indie directory" or the words of your choice and you'll find thousands of relevant links. Most have free link exchanges.

If you have a website of interest to me and mine is of interest to you, email me and we'll exchange links! Blogs as well :)

Sheila :)