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Prehistoric man used clams for food, tools, weapons, currency, trade and decorations. Shell remains have been found in Neolithic kitchens and grave sites. Above you will find a unique fossil clam wire wrapped to show its beauty!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Before the start of the new year, I like to go through all of the material accumulation of the year and purge the items that I have not been using as often as I thought I would or think I will in the future! To help you in this process, I recommend wearing your pink crystals - rhodonite (pictured), rhodochrosite, rose quartz, etc - these will help you in the compassion department, reminding you that others are in desperate need of what you may be storing or thinking as junk!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

CRYSTALS: Greenpeace

Greenpeace Fund furthers it's purpose of preserving the environment through public education and awareness, research and non-electoral advocacy.
You can find idigcrystals listings supporting the greenpeace cause by clicking here.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

ETSY: Treasury

My "G Rose" necklace was featured in this "Dinner. Black Tie" treasury on Etsy. All items here are handmade by talented artists around the world! Check it out, you'll be inspired and addicted...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CRYSTALS: Sealing Selenite

QUESTION: What kind of emotions will my client experience at first if sealing her aura with Selenite works? Also, where can I get one of those ones that seals and for how much and is that one necessary? Thanks!

ANSWER: Every person is vibrating at a different frequency; therefore different wavelengths. I can not say what your client will feel. Only she will be able to feel her reactions to the healing. I can say that different people feel different energies with different crystals - some people feel heat rising, pressure, tingling, emotional expansion, etc..Some people do not feel anything at all, so whatever she will feel is fine, as long as she is feeling better by and by!

Do not expect crystals to be a "miracle cure" in that they will not work instantaneously. Like any other method of true healing, it is up to the patient's willpower and the power of time.

As for the Selenite to seal the aura, you can use wands to scan the aura, balls for the client to hold, eggs to massage the body directly. These can be found at different price ranges on our website: I Dig Crystals.

None of the crystals are "necessary"...they are natural aids in our progression towards a balanced self. In reality, we only need the strengths of our minds, and the positivity of our thoughts to heal all of our illnesses, but living in the world today, we often become deluded and do not rely on the strength of our own selves. We are so often told to go to the doctor or the therapist, and don't take responsibility for our own health. So, to answer your question, no, the Selenite is not necessary, but we have found it to be the most useful in helping clients seal their auras in our own practice. You may find a different method.

We are only here to guide you on your crystal healing path. You should take from it what you want. Like any aspect of our lives, the best way is always experimentation to see which crystals are going to work best for you :)

Sheila Satin
Crystal Healer

CRYSTALS: Labradorite

Labradorite is for those who are attracted to the mysteries of life, reports crystal healer Sheila Satin. Deceptively dull at first look, turn it towards a certain light and you will be mesmerized by brilliant flashes of blue-greens and yellows!

Labradorite is one of my favorite crystals. I was immediately drawn into its colorful depths and love to wear Labradorite jewelry, keep Labradorite pieces around me and work with Labradorite tools.

Here are 10 simple ways to use Labradorite which I have found effective for myself and my clients:

1. Wear Labradorite pendants and necklaces to deflect negative energies. Keep your aura safe!

2. Use Labradorite Massage Crystals to stimulate motivation.

3. Lie in a Labradorite grid (placing pieces of the crystal around your bed or body) for 10 minutes when you are feeling at an impasse. It will help to clear your mind and gives you the answer to your next move.

4. Use Labradorite Slabs on the main chakras to get the energies moving.

5. Make a Labradorite gem elixir to regulate your weight, as it will encourage you to be more motivated in physical activities.

6. Meditate with Labradorite spheres for calm during your spiritual journeys. If you are unfamiliar with meditation, just hold these spheres, eyes closed, concentrating on the crystal's energies, imagining yourself walking around inside the crystal. Before long you will feel your physical energies becoming lighter, your spiritual body lifting to the astral world.

7. Place Labradorite under your pillow to help remember and channel information from the universe. Program the crystal for the purpose of clarifying these messages in the morning.

8. Wear Labradorite bracelets to lower your blood pressure.

9. Place Labradorite on your third eye while lying in bed or in your healing area to open up intuition. Intuition is our trust in our own instincts. This is a very important gateway to the energy healing realm.

10. Place Labradorite slabs over your closed eyelids to clear the eyes of radiation (computers, tvs, cell phones..).

*Always remember to clean, charge and program your crystals before use.
*Every person will feel something different with every crystal. Whatever you feel is right for you. Trust in whatever you are feeling, no matter how minute it may seem or how silly your logical mind makes you feel. To enter the energy healing realm you must trust in your own instincts.

Just a quick note about the importance of cleaning crystals.
I once sold my beloved Labradorite cut necklace to a friend of mine who saw me wear it and loved it. I must have loved it more than her, as she later reported that the three times that she tried to wear it, she had to take it off immediately because it made her feel dizzy and nauseated. I asked if she had cleaned the crystal necklace before wearing it, and she hadn't. By that time she was through with the necklace and gave it back to me where it was supposed to be!


CRYSTALS: Bitter Heart

QUESTION: Hi - I have purchased stones from you recently, I wanted to know what YOU would recommend as a healer. I am going through a very bitter divorce and one of my children has moved out of my house which has left me broken hearted, bitter, hateful, the list goes on. What would you recommend for me - I have been using rose quartz, amethyst and crystals - not finding much release. I also use obsidian to block negative thoughts coming my way. I would love your suggestion.

ANSWER: Hello, thank you for your email and your purchases. I highly suggest using Malachite for such strong emotions you are feeling. Malachite is a power stone used for releasing such harsh emotions and eventually bringing forgiveness. I recently suggested the same to a friend who went through a bad relationship, and she is now starting to feel the positive effects of the power stone! But beware, that this is a very intense crystal which can bring up all of those negative emotions at once. You may feel out of balance for a while as the emotions are being released, so don't fear, just let it take its course. I would also suggest using Rose Quartz and Aventurine to alleviate some of this intense energy release.

So, clean, charge and program Malachite as you would any stone and then place it over your heart while lying down, imagining all those negative emotions being drawn out by the crystal. Let your mind "re-live" these emotions up to 3 times, and then let them go. You may still feel them, but try to look at it from a "third person" point of view, sort of like a movie. Your healing will take as long as your own mind's willingness to let go, but Malachite will be a powerful aid in the process. While not doing direct healing work, I would suggest wearing a Malachite pendant or necklace.

For me, Obsidian is a bit more protective of outside forces. For your own negative thoughts, I would suggest Apache Tears, which are also great in releiving grief and bringing forgiveness.

Let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you. Please know that we are always hear to help you with your crystal healing related questions.

Sheila Satin
Crystal Healer

ETSY: Jewelry Sale

Thank you to everyone who has supported my creations this year.
Please take 10% off your next purchase* at and enjoy one-of-kind handmade natural crystal creations! Always free domestic shipping!

Taking custom orders if you have a stone, color scheme, design or healing energy in mind!

*please ask me for an invoice reflecting your discount before payment

CRYSTALS: Tumbled Carnelian

QUESTION: I just bought these Carnelian tumbled crystals from you. What else can I do with them besides use them on the chakra points?

ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Besides using these stones on the chakra points, you can also keep them in your pocket or in a pouch during the day. Carnelian corresponds to the Sacral Chakra which is right at your hip area, so it's a great place to carry them!

You can also have them made into jewelry to wear.
Use them as a gem elixir to drink in the energy of the crystals.
Carnelian is great for creativity, if you have a work station, you can scatter them around you or even create a crystal grid to invoke creative energies.

Again, it depends on what you will be program the crystal for which will determine where you want to keep it and how you want to use it. Don't forget to clean and charge your crystals before programming for the best results when using them for healing purposes!

Sheila Satin
Crystal Healer

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I love these Kyanite massage wands because they are thin but tough enough to really get the tension out of stressed muscles. Kyanite provides a relaxed, calming energy to your whole being.

Friday, December 12, 2008

DIY: Crystal Lip Balms

This is a tutorial on how to make your own crystal infused lip balms. Choose the energies you would like to wear or gift. Here I have chosen a raw Turquoise programmed for better communications and a black Obsidian to aid digestion.

You will need:
1 tablespoon of beeswax
2 tablespoons of Vitamin E few drops of Essential Oil (or flavoring)
2 small programmed crystals of your choise lipstick for coloring (optional)

1 pot to boil water
1 glass jar
1 pair of tongs
1 oven mit
2 lipbalm containers
metal butter knife

1. Cut out 1 tablespoon worth of beeswax using a hammer and screwdriver if you have a block of it.

2. Measure out 2 tablespoons of Vitamin E. Pour into the glass jar with the 1 tablespoon of beeswax. Put the lid back on.

3. Boil about an inch of water in your pot.

4. Place your glass jar in the boiling water and boil at medium heat until the wax is completely melted.

5. Carefully remove your jar with tongs and oven mit.

6. Remove the lid with your oven mit. I worked in the sink to avoid any potential messes.

7. Stir the liquid with your butter knife.

8. Place a few drops of essential oil or flavoring into the mix until it smells as you would like it. I used Vanilla Extract in this batch. Mix well so it is incorporated into the liquid.

9. Add a few scrapings of lipstick for coloring if you like. Mix well.

10. Place your programmed crystals in the lipbalm containers.

11. Carefully pour your lipbalm mix into the containers over the crystals.

12. Let cool for one hour. Place the lids over the lipbalms & enjoy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

CONTEST: Free Amethyst Necklace

The end of the year is here, and it is the season for giving. This month we are giving away a unique Amethyst crystal necklace. It is woven into a net of strong black thread, and comes with a sturdy black cord. Great for Men and Women!

Amethyst is a spiritual stone, calming and centering you. It activates the crown chakra so that universal light and energy may flow. Helps you to fall asleep at night and dissipates anger.

To enter, simply apply here:

CRYSTALS: Hope Diamond

QUESTION: I love crystals. I was at DC and went to the Smithsonian. The crystal/stone display was out of this world! I saw the Hope Diamond in all its glory, but to be honest loved the amethyst, citrines, rose Quartz etc better. The thing I noticed was all the stones you could touch were 'dead' meaning I could not get any energy feeling from them. Maybe it was just me but most of time I can get a 'feeling' from crystals. Was it me or could this be true? Millions of people touch these stones could it be they are so confused by all of humanity?

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your question. For those who do not know, the Hope Diamond is currently the largest blue diamond in the world. Small amounts of the mineral boron make this diamond blue.

Your feelings of museum crystals feeling "dead" is a very common phenomena. Many energy healers feel the same sort of vacant energy when visiting rock and mineral museums. Yes, one part stems from all the hands touching the stones, the other is that these stones have been not been cleaned or charged in any way. There is usually no sunlight, moonlight or natural elements in museums. Away from these natural conditions, captive in four walls full of prying eyes and wandering hands, there is no wonder you can't feel the wonderful energy these crystals have the potential of emitting!

Sheila Satin
Crystal Healer


QUESTION: I have a crystal question. It seems that many of the crystal items that I invested in over the years were actually smelted and not naturally formed. These did not come from the Satins, but elsewhere. My question is, In what ways would smelted quartz spheres and crystals be different, in terms of healing energies?

ANSWER: Thank you for your question. The process of smelting crystals takes raw, natural stones and melts them into a liquid and mixing in a few additives. Depending on what stones you are using and what you are mixing in, the new crystal will cool and solidify to a new color and formation.

In regards to your question, you will not get a natural healing energy you receive from crystals that are directly from nature. Personally I prefer natural crystals for healing, but other people may find a deeper connection to smelted crystal depending on what other minerals have been added to the process of smelting. For example, I had previously written about the smelted Quartz and Copper crystals. In this case, some healers may prefer to work with the copper infused in the crystal rather than the two separately.

In the end, each healer must decide if they prefer to work with natural crystals as they come from the Earth or ones that have been tampered by man.

Sheila Satin
Crystal Healer

CRYSTALS: Pyrite Ball

The concentration of minerals make Pyrite a very heavy stone. Great for grounding you back to reality. Pyrite spheres are magnificent to look at, with mysterious craters and crystals forming like in a cave! We get these from Peru (pictured is our last one at the moment).

Healing: Pyrite is very protective. It is excellent to have around when you are doing channeling and spirit work, as it keeps away dark forces and ill energy. Protects from psychic attack. This crystal will help you sustain good health, intellect, and emotional well being. It aids the Abdomen, Bowel, Brain, Bronchitis, Depression, Digestion, Fever, Inflammations, Liver, Lungs, and the Stomach.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Darryl Thompson
Occupation: I am a Spiritual Teacher, Crystal Master, teaching about Crystals, Divine Magus, and web site publisher
I live on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW Australia
Five things that make you the happiest:
1. Love
2. Laughter
3. Light
4. True Friends
5. Forgiveness
What are your views on energy healing? Energy healing is a powerful vibratory experience which brings the levels of the mind into balance and harmony with the different spiritual (and physical) bodies. Used in conjunction with other therapies Energy Healing is a very powerful tool.
How do you call abundance into your life? Abundance is all around me, I invoke the assistance of the Goddess, use powerful positive thoughts and I use Crystals; I feel that abundance is much much more than money. Abundance means love, Light, true friendship and many more things than I could list.
What is your favorite crystal? Wow only one? lol! If there was a combination of Eudyalite, Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Ruby, Seraphinite I would wear it every day.
What is one crystal or energy healing experience you would like to share with the world? A client came to me, she did not say anything but on testing her energy I felt that she was suffering from a rare cancer in her throat. Sure enough she confirmed it. I worked on her every day with crystals which resonate at the throat level. Her doctor told her she had little chance. But we worked on any way. It took months, but slowly she began to feel lighter, happier. Within the next 4 months after that, she went to the surgeon and he declared her free of cancer. He commented that she should not be there, We knew different, because she is an Aboriginal elder and very much needed...
How do you define success? Happiness, when one is happy in all areas of their life then they have achieved success...something which eludes so many people...

Three things that you would like to manifest in your life right now:
1. Trip O/S to see some friends and loved ones
2. Prosperity to fund the above
3. Good Health
What types of people do you want to attract into your life (this is so those who like your interview can contact you if hey fit your description)? I am open to meeting everyone, however I tend to attract Spiritually minded pople people who wish to learn about Crystals and their properties and how they can assist them. But I committed to being a teacher so I am happy with that.

My email address is Darryl109@gmail,com I am happy for other members to contact if they feel it is right.

I have a site on ning which you are all invited to visit or join if you wish.

Everyone Have fun, stay safe and may you be blessed by The Light,

Many Bright Blessings,
Thank you, Darryl! You are blessed to do what you love!
If YOU are a happy shiny person who believes in energy healing, has some crystal experiences to relate and wants to be interviewed, please email

I Dig Crystals "Happy People Interviews"
Promoting shiny, happy people who believe in their own abundance

Thursday, December 4, 2008

VIDEO: Message Love

Find more videos like this on Satin Crystals

Dr. Sunny Satin gave this speech in New Delhi, India, where he had organized the Second World Congress of Regression Therapy in New Delhi, India, in March 2006. The event was highly successful and had brought a lot of attention from people around the world.

He ascended in December 1, 2006. From the higher plan, he is actively helping us with the transition through the Earth Changes 2012. He had completed the menuscripts of the book called "Incredibly Believable" 4 days before he passed on to the light. Sheila, Lisa , two of his four children and wife, Ann, and thousand of his students around the globe are continuing his mission on earth by spreading the wisdom and knowledge from his teaching to raise the collective consciousness of mankind. With love. Thank you!


Thank you Wamduskasapa for posting this prayer for our fellow lightworker, Darryl.
Please use the prayer with your crystal of choice when praying for the health of your loved ones:

May The Flame of Life burn Brighter in Darryl's Body
Carrying her through this time of dangerous degree
May this hazardous affair not reach the ears of the Banshee
May these 3 candles our Little Sister's health guarantee
As they burn so may her health glow ever more brightly
The longer that they burn the more healed may she be
By the Guardian Spirits I ask, please listen to my plea,
By the Trinity I do petition this on my bended knee.
As I have Spoke these words above, It Is My Prayer For Thee


QUESTION: Greetings from a Healer and reader based in India, I bought a few crystals from the late Sunny Satin and his wife during a trip to Delhi through their network. Not only were they wonderful crystals, they have helped me and a number of people with various issues.

Wanted to know the following:
1. Are you still selling crystals in India?
2. Do you have a retail outlet/online store where I can buy from?
3. Someone told me you sell crystals in San Francisco, if so, I have friends who will be there later this month who can buy a few pieces on my behalf. Looking forward to hearing from you

Thank you for your e-mail and your interest in our high energy crystals. After Sunny has ascended, I have been traveling to India many times to teach courses. We don't particularly sell crystals in India as such. We sell them when we teach classes.

We have a showroom and two e-bay stores from which you can purchase crystals

Satin Crystals (run by Lisa Satin)
1914 Polk Street, Suite #205
San Francisco, CA 94109
Tel. no. 415-776-7446

Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have. Check our social network You may like to join and add your high vibration to the group, whose interests are common; to raise mankind consciousness through the healing energy of crystals and others mind therapies.

Much love,
Ann Satin
Crystal Healer

EVENT: Crystal Holiday Party

Come One, Come All. Fill your stockings with Merry Crystals... because EVERYTHING will be on Sale on this day only! Do come join us for some drinks, appetizers, entertainment, and a Jolly Time. Friends are welcome!

Time: Saturday, December 6, 2008 at 7pm

Street: 1914 Polk St. Suite #205

City/Town: San Francisco

Contact Info: 415-776-7446

Organized By: Lisa Satin

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

EVENT: Free Talk

Date: December 6th, 2008 (Sat)
Time: 2-4 pm
Location: 1914 Polk St. Suite #205, San Francisco CA 94109
RSVP: (415) 776-7446 or email, by Thursday Dec. 4th

Join us as Guest Speaker Dr. Ann Satin comes to Satin Crystals showroom for this two hour FREE TALK about Ascension 2012. Learn the meaning behind the magical years of 2012 and 2029, and what the Earth Shift is all about.

Dr. Satin will discuss present day conditions, future changes, and how you can prepare yourself for the Era of peaceful thinking and higher consciousness.

Space is limited so Please RSVP by Thursday, Dec. 4th. Donations kindly accepted to keep this mission going.

Satin Crystals' Holiday Party will succeed the Talk, from 7pm onward.

For more information,visit:

CRYSTALS: Smelted Quartz

QUESTION: Do you know anything about smelted clear quartz and what it can be programed for? The combo is melted clear quarts with melted copper. It turns the quartz blue? Thank you! Light and love.
ANSWER: Thanks for your question. The combination of Quartz and Copper is excellent for aligning the meridians. We use Copper wands for this purpose, as you can see above, the copper wand is combined with Quartz at the tip and end and also has Quartz chips within the wand! Copper is an excellent conductor of energy, and Quartz keeps things in the positive healing realm. Together you can align the meridians, which are like the veins of your energy body, feeding the chakras (which are like the organs of your energy body).
Always remember to clean, charge and program your crystals before use!
Sheila Satin

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CRYSTALS: Indian Amethyst

Amethyst crystals from India are popular for their dark purple color and unique white Chevron zigzags, shiny planes and red Iron inclusions! Very powerful for spiritual healing.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

CRYSTALS: Moldavite

Moldavite is a glassy green stone. It was formed by a meteorite impact on the earth and is a very rare stone. At this time there are only four mines in the Czech Republic that are mining the stone, which is predicted to run out in less than 10 years!

Metaphysical, Moldavite is known to raise our vibrational rate and thus connect us with spiritual realms and higher powers than the ones on earth. It is also popularly thought to link ourselves with communications with extra-terrestrials.


QUESTION: Hi, what stones are good for sleep?

ANSWER: Hi there, a great crystal for sleep is Amethyst. Amethyst is a purple Quartz corresponding tot he upper chakras (crown and third eye). It should be programmed for anything having to do with the head - headaches, earaches, vertigo, insomnia, etc...The best way is to keep pieces of Amethyst under your pillow to help you sleep.

Sheila Satin
Crystal Healer

My mom, Dr. Ann Satin, and I were at the International Congress on Natural Medicine speaking last year. This year she is there continuing the journeys!

Monday, November 17, 2008

CRYSTALS: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Stones are another wonder of Nature's beauty. This is a black limestone with a unique white Celestite forming a flower-like marking. The contrast of black and white allows us to accept the dark with the light in the universe. Use for contemplation and meditation, to soothe worries and enjoy the beauty of nature.


Tip: When choosing a crystal ring for healing purposes, pick one that is open in the back to allow the energy of the stone to flow directly to your physical body!

SALE: Crystal Balls

Only 5 days left until the sale on our natural crystal healing stone spheres end!!

Spheres are the perfect shape, uniform, allowing energy to flow through all sides evenly. Hold during meditation, use in crystal healing, place on a ring, place on the body, use in massage or as "stress balls" to release tension from your hands.

Holiday Guide

Another great "holiday guide" supporting independent shops like ours. You can print this one out and enjoy: full of articles, party ideas, tips on how to save money on holiday travel, ideas to keep the kids occupied during winter break, recipes, and more that will carry you all the way from Thanksgiving through New Year's:
pictured: bloodstone pyramid from idigcrystals

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Spinel is great for the root chakra, grounding you to the physical world. It renews your energy and rejuvenates you to enjoy life here on earth. Here red Spinel is found on white marble!


A bridge formation occurs where a smaller crystal is attached to the crystal larger point, similar to an incomplete cross. Quartz Bridges creates a channel of wisdom by bridging your spiritual and physical worlds.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holiday Guide

I Dig Crystals can be found with other talented crafters in the colorful Indie Collective Shopping Guide!

CRYSTALS: Stress Balls

Natural crystal balls can be used as "stress balls". If you have 2 palm spheres, you can squeeze one in each hand, releasing tension from your body and absorbing the positive energy of the stones. Crystals Balls used as stress balls are especially beneficial for those who use their hands extensively, like those who are always on the computer!

It's easy to join our November contest on how you use (or would use) crystal balls. Sign up here to win your own crystal ball: Enter Free Contest

Thursday, November 13, 2008

CRYSTALS: Pendulums

QUESTION: Sheila~How do you go about picking your pendulums?? Does it matter the stone?? The chain (material, size, etc)? And what about other stones on the chain?? What is your opinion and suggestion. Struggling a bit with all of that....Thanks, Rainbow Waves of Love

ANSWER: The two most popular uses for pendulums is dowsing (asking yes and no answers) and crystal healing. For dowsing, you can use any type of crystal, even any type of material. You definitely will be attracted to a certain crystal pendulum or you will do some experimentation and find the pendulum you best like to work with for this purpose.

For crystal healing, we most commonly use Quartz pendulums because Quartz gives such an accurate measurement of energies (this is what powers our wrist watches!). Pick out any clear Quartz pendulum, preferably faceted and pointed if you are doing chakra readings.

Chain length is again up to your own preference. For chakra checking, you typically use a length of 6-8" long of a chain. Of course there are also different methods of pendulum use and healing. I have seen some people swing the pendulum over each chakra with great force, so they prefer a longer chain. If you find your chain is too long, you can always wrap the chain around your finger to the desired length or switch out the chain entirely.

Hope this helps in making your decision for your upcoming pendulum use! You can read more on pendulums and even watch the video on our website at:

Sheila Satin :)